The Killbox

The Killbox: Get Started with Assembling Elite Squads, Trading Tradable Chests, and Enjoy FPS Gameplay

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    Key Highlights

    • The Killbox is a first-person shooter NFT game.
    • Assemble your squad of elite shooters in The Killbox to take on the Big Bosses in PvE mode and other players in 6v6 PvP battles.
    • Use the Shards acquired from your combat action in The Killbox to mint Weapons NFTs. You can also obtain Treasure Chests, which contain Weapons NFTs of different qualities.
    • The higher the grade of your Weapons NFTs, the more $KBOX tokens you can earn. Use your $KBOX earnings to acquire items at The Killbox Marketplace or stake them instead.
    • Unleash your imagination with UGCs such as weapons, maps, modes, and characters.

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