Master the Art of Deception with Impostors, the Social Deduction Game Where Everyone Seems Innocent

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    Key Highlights

    • Blend in with the Impostors in the immersive Metaverse of social deduction gaming.
    • Play the role of either an impostor or an innocent. The goal of Impostors is to take out innocents and vice versa.
    • When the Impostor's UGC Sandbox is ready, you can use the Map Maker to create gameplay maps and the Game Mode Maker to craft gameplay experiences.
    • All game modes in Impostors require Genesis Aliens NFTs, which can be staked for $BLOOD tokens that can also be earned from playing the game modes.
    • Use your $BLOOD tokens for in-game activities like NFT minting, upgrading UFOs, and breeding pets.

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