Immortal Game

Unleash Your Inner Grandmaster with Immortal Game. Play to Earn Crypto Rewards with NFT Chess Pieces

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    Key Highlights
    • Immortal Game, powered by Immutable X, is the first blockchain-powered chess game platform.
    • Having raised $12m in July 2022, the developer of Immortal Game is introducing eSports elements to provide an entertaining gaming experience to the stylishly classic game of chess.
    • Register for an account, connect your blockchain wallet, go to Immortal Game's marketplace, and purchase at least one Immortals NFT to start playing Immortal Game.
    • Strategically place your Immortal NFTs to win chess matches to earn CheckMate Token ($CMT) rewards.
    • Use your $CMT earnings to fuse and polish your immortal NFTs or to participate in Immortal Game's tournaments and events.

    Immortals are NFTs that you can buy on Immortal Game's platform. To do so, you need to have a crypto wallet with which you will be able to purchase and store your NFTs, tokens, or any other crypto asset.