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Play the base build strategy game Heroes of Mavia and earn Ruby tokens.

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Set in a fantasy island called “Mavia,” you are the commander of your Base on the Mavia island, you would need to prove your worth by taking on other players either by attacking their bases or defending your own.

Key Highlights:
  • Heroes of Mavia is a Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity-inspired blockchain RPG.
  • Heroes of Mavia is featured in the eSports domain through its partnership with Team Quesco, a Spanish eSports organization.
  • Embrace the spirit of eSports gaming by streaming live matches and viewing past matches using Heroes of Mavia's on-chain battle recording and replay system.
  • Enjoy cost-savings on transactions involving your tokens earnings and in-game NFTs on Arbitrum. This Layer-2 blockchain helps lower transaction fees on the Ethereum network.
  • Drop by the Mavia Artwork Gallery to savor the best artworks from community members and Skrice Studios' conceptual 3D artwork renderings.
How to Play Heroes of Mavia Overview

According to Hanoi-based Skrice Studios, the developer of Heroes of Mavia, the conceptualization and development of the game were inspired by two giants in the video game industry, i.e., Axie Infinity and Clash of Clans. The idea behind Heroes of Mavia is to harness the truism that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” by combining the best of both Axie Infinity and Clash of Clans to create an “experience never seen before.”

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Mavia’s Inspirational Elements (Source:

In February 2022, Heroes of Mavia announced that they had struck a partnership with the Spanish eSports organization, Team Queso.

Team Quesco includes League of Legends, Clash Royale, Fortnite, and Clash of Clans, one of the founding inspirations for Heroes of Mavia. This partnership featured Heroes of Mavia as a blockchain game title in Team Queso’s portfolio. It stands as a testament to the crossover appeal of Heroes of Mavia, which transcends both the blockchain and esports gaming domains.

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Mavia x Team Quesco (Source: of Mavia)

Unique Value Propositions (UVPs)

(1) On-Chain Recordings of Battles in AAA-Quality Graphics

The key UVP of Heroes of Mavia is the use of blockchain for its battle recording system, which means that every battle ever fought in the game would be permanently recorded. In addition to facilitating the recording and viewing of the battle records in AAA-quality graphics, Heroes of Mavia’s battle replay system also allows players to live-stream battles and view the descriptions of past matches to relive their glory or shame.

(2) Low Ethereum Gas Fees Through Arbitrum's L2 Blockchain

Heroes of Mavia runs on the Ethereum network, which for all its benefits, is also known for its relatively high gas fees. The workaround solution for Heroes of Mavia is to have recourse to the Layer 2 (L2) blockchain, Arbitrum. Long story short, Arbitrum's use of relatively less costly scalable L2 sidechains allows Heroes of Mavia's players to enjoy lower gas fees for transactions involving the game’s tokens and NFTs.

(3) Decentralized Community Building and Engagement

Besides inexpensive transaction costs, Heroes of Mavia’s ecosystem incorporates community-building and engagement elements through the game’s $MAVIA governance token. The token allows holders to put forth and vote upon decisions involving the management of the game's decentralized community with additional information as set out in the Tokens section below.

(4) Mavia Artwork Gallery

After all the energy-sapping battles and brain-numbing voting, it’s time for some relaxation by heading over to the Mavia Artwork Gallery. The Gallery showcases the best artworks from community members, including drawings, paintings, and scriptures. Besides community artworks, Skrice Studios would feature their conceptual 3D artwork renderings for the game’s characters, buildings, and landscapes in the Gallery.

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Fan Favorite Artwork from the Gallery (Source:

Gameplay Interface

The alpha gameplay interface of Heroes of Mavia was officially released in October 2022 and featured two points of view, either from a bird’s eye or a close-up view. The bird’s eye view is suited for use when you are using the Base Builder tool to configure your attacking or strategic defensive positions. It can be done by positioning your ground and air forces in preparation for an attack or placing your defense structures in anticipation of an attack from other players. Fans of Clash of Clans would be familiar with Heroes of Mavia's bird's eye view as CoC also features a similar top-down gameplay perspective.

As for the close-up view, it would enable you to marvel at the 3D combat animations and movements of in-game characters. Additionally, the cosmetic upgrades you have equipped for your troops, buildings, and bases will be visible when you use this view. On top of that, there are also Status Effects which temporarily changes the stats of a unit or appearance of a building during battles. According to the game's official Medium page, some examples of Status Effects are “Frozen”, “Cold”, “On Fire”, “Hot”, “Invisible”, “Damaged”, “Electrified”, “Stunned”, and “Enraged”.

Both the bird’s eye and close-up views are available on PC and desktop web browsers and Android and iOS devices, as Heroes of Mavia is designed to be compatible with these browsers and devices.

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Devices Compatibility of Heroes of Mavia (Source:

Gameplay Mechanics

Your tactical master plan starts from your Base, which is your home. After buying your Base from the Mavia Marketplace using $MAVIA tokens, you can start investing in your Base by upgrading its headquarter (HQ) using $RUBY tokens. You can earn $RUBY tokens and these other resources if you are successful in your attacking or defensive endeavors

Once you have developed your Base, you can do a few things. Firstly, you can sell it on the MAVIA Marketplace with the price depending on the value of your Base as determined by its level. Secondly, you can rent your Base to other players for a daily fee of $MAVIA tokens.

During the tenure of the rental, any $RUBY token generated from your Base would belong to your tenant. Thirdly, you can share the use of your Base with other players. Under the partnership arrangement, you would be entitled to 50% of the $RUBY tokens generated by the player with whom you share the use of your Base under the partnership.

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Base Utilization Options (Source:

If you decide to keep your Base for your own, you need to defend it against other players by assembling your defensive army, building walls and towers, and deploying traps and decoys. However, as the saying goes, sometimes “attack is the best defense.” If you are to go on the counter-offensive, you should first make the necessary preparations by spending some $RUBY tokens to upgrade your ground and air forces to enhance their stats.

Whether you are hunkering down in defense mode or going full-on through attack mode, you need to level up your HQ to build more advanced buildings, traps, and troops. You would also need to upgrade your Hero NFTs to ensure they are in an optimal state to support your defensive or attacking strategies.

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In-Game Strategies in Heroes of Mavia (Source:

Heroes of Mavia's progression mechanism was designed to make the game more challenging as players progress, keeping them engaged. A vital component of this mechanism is the in-game economics which is structured in such a manner as to require players to spend more $RUBY tokens on developing their Bases as they reach higher levels. In addition, the mechanism also incorporates skills matching to ensure that players are pitted against opponents of similar levels to attack at or defend against.

The rankings of players are set out on the Mavia leaderboards, through which you can also learn about the strategies of other players in your conquest of this combative island. Cumulatively, these components keep up the element of challenge and help you stay in a state of flow to follow in the path of the Cobra Guy in the Heroes of Mavia.

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Land NFTs (Source:

When its time for battle, this can be undertaken in two game modes namely Ranked and Alliance matches. Ranked matches are player-vs-base battles in which the troops of players are deployed to attack the bases of enemies and loot for resources. As for Alliance matches, these are clan-based competitions in which players fight for resources through team-based battles.


All players must have ownership of or control over at least one Base NFT which are minted in limited quantities. Base NFTs are only available from the Mavia Marketplace, where they can be purchased, rented, or leased using $MAVIA tokens. Owners of Base NFTs can choose a custom name for their NFTs, which come with a unique coordinate on the island of Mavia. There is no limit to the number of Base NFTs which can be owned or controlled by a player.

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Quick Fact on Base NFTs (Source: of Mavia)

Like Base NFTs, Hero NFTs are minted in limited quantities and are only available from the Mavia Marketplace, where they can be purchased using $MAVIA tokens. Each Hero NFT has a unique special attack, which can be a game-changer in battles. There is no limit on the number of Hero NFTs a player can own, but each Base can only be equipped with a maximum of four such NFTs. Hero NFTS can be upgraded using $RUBY tokens and boosted using skins and decorations, as discussed further in the Tokens section below.

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Popular Hero NFTs (Source: Mavia Game Deck)

Similar to Base and Hero NFTs, Statue NFTs are available from the Mavia Marketplace, where they can be purchased using $MAVIA tokens. A Base can hold a maximum of four Statue NFTs at any time. These NFTs boost the speed and efficiency stats of the Base on which they are placed. These stats relate to "resource production, cooldown time, building time, troop training time, and more". However, as a Statue NFT can only increase a single specific stat, you need to strategically decide how to fill the the four Statue NFT slots available on your Base to optimize their use.

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Quick Fact on Mavia NFT Upgrades (Source:


In line with its tagline of Build, Battle, and Earn, Heroes of Mavia is living up to its hype as the first AAA blockchain base-building game. Technologically, Heroes of Mavia utilizes blockchain for endless replays of battles while allowing players to earn $RUBY tokens with transparency as warranted by the in-game $RUBY ledger. Economically, Heroes of Mavia’s dual token model and triple NFT mechanism allow players to have some combative fun while earning themselves some dough simultaneously.

Finding the right balance in terms of the expenditure of $RUBY tokens for attack and defense would be the key to victory in Heroes of Mavia. With its combination of combat strategy and military warfare, the true hero to emerge from the island of Mavia will have both brains and brawn.

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