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A guide on how to play Guild of Guardian, a multiplayer rpg game for the mobile.

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Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer, action, mobile fantasy RPG where players can role-play as heroes and go through dungeons to gather resources. Players can use these resources to craft heroes and rare items, which can then be traded for actual money/value. While you can play individually, chances of acquiring better resources and clearing some of the most challenging content in the game improve when you join squads or Guilds. GOG is set in a familiar fantasy setting of warriors, orcs, elves, mages, and more, and players can play as anyone. GoG will be available on Apple and Google app stores, and anyone with a supported smartphone can download and play the game to earn NFTs and GOG tokens.

Key Highlights
  • Guild of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG built by an experienced team of developers.
  • Guild of Guardians' winning combo lies in its core gameplay, balancing team strategy and players' skills.
  • Embrace Guild of Guardian's team strategy gameplay by joining guilds to progress through increasingly challenging dungeons to collect rewards in the form of tradable NFT items.
  • Sharpen your skills by building your Heroes NFTs' unique powers and weaknesses based on their faction, class, rarity, elements, and abilities.
  • Up your game in Guild of Guardians by holding some of the 16,000 exclusive NFTs co-created by the world's leading eSports teams.
(1) How to play Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians will be available on Apple and Google app stores. The game is based on Unity, and anyone with a supported smartphone can download the game. You can play for free and obtain NFTs and GOG tokens (more to that later). The supported smartphones include:

  • Nokia 8.3
  • Nokia XR 20
  • LG K62
  • LG W41 Series
  • Google Pixel 5 and 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Poco F3
  • Xiaomi Black Shark Series
  • Xiaomi T11 or M11
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Additionally, GOG is supported on many generations of iOS devices, but players can expect the best results on iPad 10.2 or better and iPhone 11 or better.

In Guild of Guardians, your team strategy matters just as much as skill. The GOG universe has various different kinds of heroes, equipment, pets, and energy boosters. The way you combine these elements into your team depends on your gaming style and Guild objectives. Like traditional fantasy RPGs, roles like healers, tank, DPS, and support are critical in the GOG gameplay.

(a) Guild of Guardians Gameplay: Getting Started

The Guild of Guardians involves players taking their heroes, equipment, and other elements into dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and bosses. The missions reward you with equipment, currency, and resources. You can use these to get more heroes, upgrade heroes, and create new, unique equipment that can be traded.

(i) Heroes Heroes are the characters that players role-play when entering dungeons. The heroes you choose will depend as much on your individual skill as on the Guild's strategies.

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Heroes (Source:

You can acquire heroes through Summoning, which can be purchased or collected by earning summoning shards. Summoning shards can be found by completing missions. Every hero has a unique set of powers and weaknesses; therefore, teams must be synergized accordingly.

These heroes are categorized based on the following aspects:

  • Factions: These dictate the main hero type and include Empire, Horde, and Glade. Besides unique abilities and handicaps, heroes of various factions are also privy to different drop tables.
  • Class: This dictates the kind of equipment a hero can wield, including melee, ranger, and mage.
  • Rarities: These indicate the relative power level and scarcity of a hero. However, rarities don't always guarantee an advantage; in some situations, a common hero can be better than an epic one.
  • Elements: These include Earth, Water, Fire, Light, and Dark, wherein certain elements have an advantage over others.
  • Abilities: These include Active and Passive. Active abilities are a hero's ultimate actions. Meanwhile, passive abilities afford heroes with additional synergy effects or buffs, complementing team members.

(ii) Guilds Guilds are the groups you can join if you want to earn by crafting and selling items on the marketplace, collecting rare rewards, and progressing through increasingly challenging dungeons. Further, several game modes are only available to Guild members, which offer unique rewards. You can also compete in various seasonal challenges through Guilds to improve your chances of earning through the game.

(iii) Pets and Energy Boosters Pets are unique creatures that can give your team added specialties, depending on their type and rarity. The various types include the following:

  • Workers, who generate crafting resources
  • Hunters, who increase rewards
  • Scouts, who improve dungeon item-drop chances

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Pets (Source:

Heroes start each challenge with a specific energy level that gets drained as the game progresses and is refilled over time. They are also prone to "fatigue" if you use a single hero for too many daily challenges, which can also incur penalties. Guild of Guardians has a unique energy system and energy NFTs that can permanently boost heroes.

(iv) Equipment The Guild of Guardians has hundreds of armor and weapons you can find during missions. These can be found as either mission rewards or loot drops. Guild members can contribute these to create unique equipment, which can then be traded on the secondary marketplace.

Depending on their type and rarity, these weapons offer unique advantages, such as stat bonuses or boosts to heroes. The types of equipment include weapons, jewelry, helmet, and boots.

The pieces of equipment are also classified based on their rarity, which includes common, rare, epic, and legendary.

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Rarity: (Source:

Guilds can strategize their gameplay as per the type of equipment they want to craft.


Heroes NFTs are representations of heroes in the GOG universe. You can buy these NFTs from Immutable X or TokenTrove. Further, there will be free-to-earn, non-tradeable, common heroes which can be "merged" into higher, tradeable heroes. These merged hero NFTs allow players to earn without any upfront cost.

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Heroes NFTs (Source:

These are representations of pets in the GOG universe. Numerous Pet NFTs are available on Immutable X and TokenTrove. You can buy pet NFTs per your strategies, gaming style, and roster of heroes. You can also put up already-owned pet NFTs for sale.

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Pet NFTs (Source:

  • A limited number of GOG items, such as energy and guild-based tokens, is available for sale as NFTs. Apart from these, players can exclusively create any number of NFT items by participating in Guilds. You can get materials to craft these items from dungeon drops and contribute to your Guilds to build unique items, which can then be sold in the marketplace, making this entirely player-driven.

  • Guild members share the profits received based on individual contributions. Further, Guild leaders get a guaranteed first-cut from each sale, and the share depends on the type of Guild. For instance, a Mythic Guild leader gets 10% of each sale, which is the highest.

Item NFTs (Source:

You can keep unique avatars as your Guild of Guardians profile picture from a selection of 10,000 avatar NFTs. These can be purchased from Immutable X or TokenTrove.

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Avatar NFTs (Source:

Esports Exclusives

The global esports market reached $2B in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.9% between 2022 and 2030. This comes amid the rising popularity of live streaming and deepening audience reach.

Guild of Guardians players will have the opportunity to obtain a slice of this history in the making by buying Esports Exclusives, a set of 16,000 NFTs co-created by some of the world's leading esports teams. Under the partnership, esports household names, including Navi, Cloud9, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic, SK Gaming, NRG, T1, and Team Liquid, will join the fantasy world of Guild of Guardians.

Their esports brands will be full-fledged playable characters. Holders will get access to special in-game leaderboards, merch, opportunities, and VIP access to many web3 esports events outside GOG.


Mobile RPGs have been around for quite a while now, with considerable popularity. In fact, mobile RPGs made up 21.3% of mobile gaming revenues in 2020. However, there's not much for players except the entertainment value, despite the huge time and money investments.

Guild of Guardians, inspired by classic RPGs like D&D and Diablo, takes this enthusiasm a notch up by incorporating an element of player ownership. So, investments made by players in the game won't be a sunk cost but would contribute to improving their income potential.

Players can role-play as a host of fantasy creatures to conquer dungeons and compete in Guilds to earn exciting rewards. Further, GOG allows players to earn real money as they play and actively contribute to building the ecosystem. Guild of Guardians has already given away $1 million worth of prizes.

You can pre-register for the game with only your email ID on the official GOG website.

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