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Arc8 by GAMEE: The Ultimate Web3 Mobile Gaming Platform to Win Real Money Rewards

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    Key Highlights

    • Arc8 by GAMEE is a mobile gaming platform that offers an engaging experience for mobile users. Within the app are several casual games that you can play.
    • The platform brings players, popular brands, games, and Web3 communities to create an interactive gaming environment.
    • The platform’s app introduces Web3 elements, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, in a gamified manner. It has a leaderboard system where users can test their skills and reach the apex of their gaming performance.
    • $GMEE is the utility token within the platform’s ecosystem, providing access to features, enabling governance participation, and offering utility for playing games.
    • The Arc8 League is a special league offering competitive gameplay, large prize pools, valuable NFTs, and partner-sponsored tokens, accessible through the platform’s League Pass NFT tickets which can be obtained from OpenSea.

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