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Forgotten Runiverse: Learn How to Play the Pixel-Art MMORPG with Magical Plots and Interactive Gameplay

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With combined elements of both traditional and blockchain technology video games, Forgotten Runiverse is a web-based blockchain-powered game that takes place in a vast, open-world environment. From fighting and exploring to completing quests, you can engage in many activities. Moreover, if you're looking for a game that gives you a sense of ownership and security for your virtual assets, consider trying Runiverse, where blockchain technology facilitates secure and transparent transactions of digital assets like tokens and NFTs within the game.

Key Highlights
  • Forgotten Runiverse is a blockchain-based MMORPG combining virtual world-building and asset ownership by players.
  • The Runiverse is divided into eight distinct regions. Players can explore, play, create their own minigames, and complete quests embedded in the Runiverse.
  • Completing quests and participating in combats rewards players with treasures, gold, bonus XP, crafting materials and Recipes, and other powerful items.
  • Any items players create with the collected resources can be traded as NFTs.
  • Players can own Lands, develop them, and resell them on the secondary marketplace.
What is Forgotten Runiverse?

Forgotten Runiverse combines the elements of gaming and pixel art to offer players a unique gaming experience.

You can build characters (wizards), engage in battles, explore landscapes, complete quests, and construct cities, towns, and structures by purchasing virtual land and converting them into real-world profits.

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The graphics and sound effects are designed to be immersive and engaging, providing a truly captivating experience.

How to Play Forgotten Universe?
  • To start the game, you must create an account on the Forgotten Runiverse's portal and log into the servers.
  • Once you log in to your account, you need to build your character (wizard) and acquire abilities, weapons, and equipment along the way.
  • You can build your character by leveling up (there are 50 levels) and specializing in one of seven schools of magic (somewhat like Dungeons & Dragons), each offering unique abilities and access to certain regions of the game.

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  • The Forgotten Runiverse has eight different regions, namely, The Fey, The Forest, The Northern Grassland, The Thorn, The Beaches, The Southern Grassland, The Mountains, and The Jungle. Each region is divided into biomes, with unique flora and fauna and a set of resources and Recipes.
  • Once you graduate from any of these magic schools, you acquire memory crystals - a crucial component in character building. Acquiring these crystals is a must because wizards in the game do not have inherent abilities, so they use memory crystals with special powers to unlock new abilities.
  • Memory Crystals can be classified into four abilities: Basic, High, Heart, and Soul. Basic abilities may include Heal spells and Fireballs. As players advance, they can customize their Wizards into one of the seven Color Paths corresponding to Wizard cults. Each cult does things a little differently, which can nudge your combat style, albeit the style ultimately depends on you.
  • High abilities players get from their High Crystals depend on the Color Path chosen. Heart Crystals lend Wizards passive abilities that pad up your play style. Soul abilities allow you to augment your character's abilities and specializations even further. Soul abilities can be incredibly powerful.
  • The fun part is that you have to make these crystals yourself by following instructions. Initially, you get access to some basic crystals and acquire more advanced crystals as you level up.
  • Users can also sync their abilities to new skills. And when you fight against another wizard or monster, you acquire new abilities and recipes for creating new crystals.

A distinguishable feature of this game that separates it from other games is its skill-based gameplay. Every activity, ranging from battles and resource collection to crafting, is based on the player's skills.

The presence of mini-games serves as a means to determine the player's mastery of different abilities.

The advancement of the player's skills or abilities depends on emerging victorious in these mini-skill-based games.
Now, let's dig into some cool features of this game.

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Pixel Art Elements of the Game

The visually appealing pixels in Forgotten Runiverse have a nostalgic charm that will transport you to a different period. Its graphics style is a throwback to classic video games, like Tibia and Ultima Online, providing a unique yet nostalgic aesthetic that is equally charming and visually striking. This feature adds to the game's overall experience, providing players with an immersive virtual world.

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Create-To-Own Features of the Game

The "Create-to-Own" feature in 'Forgotten Universe' offers players a truly unique and exciting opportunity. Tied into the Web3 ownership and creator economies, players can use this feature to create, own, and trade virtual assets such as Land NFTs, equipment NFTs, and other minted NFTs.

Players can find resources in the wild as well as in player-owned plots, discover recipes, and hone their crafting skills to mint unique items that can be sold on the secondary market or in-game.

Each plot of land will have unique resources inherent to it based on where it's situated and the plot's size. Materials to mint NFTs can also be earned through quests and combats.

Further, players can collect Recipes and Styles to fill their Recipe books. Each Recipe contains a set of resources, and players can add unique Styles to Recipes to create one-of-a-kind armor, weapons, spells, decorations, houses, music, paintings, and more.

This way, players can enhance their gaming experience and also monetize their creations. The potential to earn real-world profits from in-game creations adds a touch of hybrid reality that keeps users engaging.

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Game Modes

You can play this game in two modes,: PvP and PvE modes. Moreover, it is based on the Forgotten Runes Wizards' Cult Collection.

PvP modes allow you to engage in wizard vs. wizard battles, while PvE mode focuses on wizard vs. nature challenges. Players engaging in PvP game modes can also vie for PvP rankings.

Both ways offer unique gameplay experiences with an array of scenarios and challenges.

Community Presence

Forgotten Runiverse offers a vibrant community for players to connect and collaborate. You can easily connect and play with your friends with the help of features such as friend lists.

Players get a space to relax and interact with one another in a social setting. They can even join guilds to work together or complete quests and battles.

Moreover, guilds serve as a platform for players to collaborate on larger projects and build their unique creations within the virtual world.

With these community and support features, you can be a part of a supportive and inclusive gaming environment and connect, collaborate, and even build lasting relationships.

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Every item other than Land plots fall under this category of NFTs. Players can create armor, weapons, paintings, and music and even forge spells and mint them as NFTs to be sold on the blockchain.

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If you appreciate classic gaming aesthetics, the pixel art style, and a retro theme, then Forgotten Runiverse is a real treat for you. The game is set in a mystical world filled with ancient runes and powerful wizards. You can collect and trade unique NFTs representing spells, artifacts, and other magical items. And build your virtual empire.

Moreover, with features such as friend lists, guilds, and collaborative opportunities, it is a game that is all about community. Join the excitement and become a member of the dynamic and supportive gaming community of Forgotten Runiverse.