Forgotten Runiverse

Forgotten Runiverse: Learn How to Play the Pixel-Art MMORPG with Magical Plots and Interactive Gameplay

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Key Highlights

  • Forgotten Runiverse is a blockchain-based MMORPG combining virtual world-building and asset ownership by players.
  • The Runiverse is divided into eight distinct regions. Players can explore, play, create their own minigames, and complete quests embedded in the Runiverse.
  • Completing quests and participating in combats rewards players with treasures, gold, bonus XP, crafting materials and Recipes, and other powerful items.
  • Any items players create with the collected resources can be traded as NFTs.
  • Players can own Lands, develop them, and resell them on the secondary marketplace.

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About Forgotten Runiverse

With combined elements of both traditional and blockchain technology video games, Forgotten Runiverse is a web-based blockchain-powered game that takes place in a vast, open-world environment. From fighting and exploring to completing quests, you can engage in many activities. Moreover, if you're looking for a game that gives you a sense of ownership and security for your virtual assets, consider trying Runiverse, where blockchain technology facilitates secure and transparent transactions of digital assets like tokens and NFTs within the game.