Fancy Birds

Fly High in the Skies with Fancy Birds Where Players Can Hop and Jump to Clear Obstacles to Earn Crypto Rewards

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    Key Highlights
    • Fancy Birds is a multigame ecosystem in Fancy Games DAO.
    • Fancy Games DAO comprises three NFT Play-to-Earn games, Fancy Birds, Fancy Birds: Sky Wars, and Fancy Hop.
    • The games in the Fancy Birds ecosystem are Free-to-Play, but you'll need to get a Baby Bird NFT or Genesis Bird NFT from the Fancy Birds Marketplace to complete quests to earn $FNC tokens.
    • Use your $FNC earnings to participate in exclusive tournaments and game modes and to breed and customize your Birds NFTs as you watch them soar to the skies.
    • Stake your $FNC earnings for $sFNC to access extra in-game utilities and future games in the Fancy Games DAO ecosystem.
    Genesis Birds

    Genesis Birds are the core NFTs of the Fancy Games eco system. Each Fancy Bird is randomly generated from over 500+ unique traits and combinations, ensuring a unique appearance and persona within the Fancy Games platform. They come in different rarities from standard to legendary and with the possibility of mutations. Users are required to hold Fancy Bird NFTs to play the game and earn FNC by completing daily & weekly quests.

    Baby Birds

    Fancy Baby Birds Season 1 collection is the first set for the bred Fancy Genesis Birds.