Fancy Birds

Fly High in the Skies with Fancy Birds Where Players Can Hop and Jump to Clear Obstacles to Earn Crypto Rewards

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    Key Highlights

    • Fancy Birds is a multigame ecosystem in Fancy Games DAO.
    • Fancy Games DAO comprises three NFT Play-to-Earn games, Fancy Birds, Fancy Birds: Sky Wars, and Fancy Hop.
    • The games in the Fancy Birds ecosystem are Free-to-Play, but you'll need to get a Baby Bird NFT or Genesis Bird NFT from the Fancy Birds Marketplace to complete quests to earn $FNC tokens.
    • Use your $FNC earnings to participate in exclusive tournaments and game modes and to breed and customize your Birds NFTs as you watch them soar to the skies.
    • Stake your $FNC earnings for $sFNC to access extra in-game utilities and future games in the Fancy Games DAO ecosystem.

    About Fancy Birds