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    Earn e-tokens, build character and weapon NFTs and enjoy immersive gameplay with this browser-based shooting game is a first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game based on a futuristic world. If you are a Matrix, Ready Player One, or even a Decentraland fan, this game is right up your alley. You would find the tactical level designs of the game similar to Quake, Destiny, or Halo. Crazy Games released in January 2021 and has had over 400,00 registered users since then. It has been designed as a browser-based game and is highly accessible on all internet-connected desktop devices, which requires no download. is a play-to-earn game where you have the potential to earn E-tokens from the game to buy in-game weapons and characters. However, these E-tokens are unique. Unlike other tactical games, these can be converted to Solana tokens and exchanged for real money. These characters and weapons are NFTs one can buy and sell on the Fractal marketplace. The more artistic creativity used to create the character NFTs, the rarer they are, and hence more valuable with greater earning potential. If you have always wondered what a futuristic world would look like and wished for an escape from reality, this game is exactly what you would enjoy.

    Key Highlights of
    • is a game that is based on a futuristic arena, allowing you to experience the immersive visuals of a world in the distant future.
    • You can boot it up directly on the PCs, as this browser-based game requires no download or installation.
    • The game allows you to equip character NFTs, weapon NFTs, and E- tokens to power them within the game and subsequently increase your earning potential.
    • You can participate in daily quests and clan wars, attend social gatherings in groups, and hang out virtually.
    • You can also design your own mini-games as well as host tournaments. Overview is a top-of-the-line first-person shooter game allowing you to jump straight into the game from your web browser. also rewards you in E- tokens convertible to SOL. You can get your own character NFTs and equip the skins and weapon NFTs using these E-tokens. The potential earning increases with each level in the game. More achievements equal greater rewards within the game.

    The interactive nature of allows you to explore various science-fiction-inspired arenas, join communities with like-minded gamers on discord and create a game of your own. You can also spectate and enjoy the game when you don't feel like wielding a shotgun. Spectating an Ongoing game in (

    How to Play

    If features like triple jump, smoke, teleportation, flash, impulse, and sticky grenades excite you, then you are surely in for a treat in These primary features distinguish it from other similar games and set it apart beyond the simple point-to-shoot games.

    Gaming Modes and Maps

    You can go solo or in teams while enjoying the gameplay. If you enjoy community or clan game planning, this game is a must-try.

    The earning potential of this game is unlocked after the first skin purchase, available via the Fractal marketplace. You can go through the easy-to-understand and simple-to-read game directory of all characters and weapons available to purchase. It is similar to a blockchain-led version of Halo Infinite or Quake.

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    The different game modes available on are deathmatch, deathmatch (earn), sniper shotgun, team deathmatch, and survival (earn). In case of a team death match, the party members must join the game the party leader is taking part in. You can earn up to 20% extra e-tokens by playing a team deathmatch. You must play over 100 games in these modes to achieve a rank greater than 10.

    As the name suggests, deathmatch is just a public game without any earning potential. You can use this gaming mode to hone your skills, while the deathmatch (earn) can help you generate a passive income through e-tokens while playing.

    Create Your Own Game in also allows you to create your own game via the options available within the larger game. You can choose the game mode, region, duration, and even the number of players you wish to play this game with. You become eligible for rewards as soon as you create an account and start using NFTs. To start using NFTs, you must connect your wallets with your profiles. Currently, supports Fractal and Phantom wallets.

    Every new achievement within the game helps these NFTs become more powerful, thereby unlocking the earning potential of the user. Every NFT has a power level ranging from 0 to 100. You can increase the level of these NFTs by participating in daily quests, special events, and clan wars or by grinding and ranking up in PVP. Leveled-up NFTs, which glow more, fetch more value vis-a-vis Solana for every in-game achievement.

    A choice of the arena is also provided to you, among many others. Once you and your clan have decided on the type of game mode, arena, timescale, bot count, and bot level, all you have to do is click on the start game option. And voila, there's a brand new game for you and your gun wielder to try out. You can even post it as a tournament for others to join, or you can test locally, whatever your preference is.

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    How to create a game on (Source:

    Sci-Fi and Futuristic Arenas comes with more than ten futuristic arenas for you to try. It has undergone several partnerships with Hut 8, one of the world's largest mining organizations (responsible for crypto mining or creating new blocks to the blockchain network by doing high-power computing using proof of work architecture). These partnerships enable you to participate in Hut 8 tournaments and enroll yourself in the whitelists to get a chance to earn exclusive Hut 8-themed NFTs. has also partnered with Luminosity for exclusive streams and NFT drops, details about which haven't been revealed yet. This comes with an elaborate crypto plan and interactive and appealing gameplay, accessible on every desktop, even Chromebooks. Thus setting it apart from other NFT projects.

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    Social Areas & Mini-games

    Just like other blockchain-based games, also helps you interact with each other in a virtual social world. You can buy, sell and trade these character NFTs and weapon NFTs in the social areas of You can join your friends and also play mini-games with them in these social areas. Even portals are available for you to explore the core game modes.

    While experts have already designed the core games for you to enjoy, these mini-games give you the creative liberty to design the game according to your taste. While mini-games can be less intense, core games are meant to have different difficulty levels based on your skill set.

    NFTs has partnered with Fractal, one of the world's largest NFT marketplaces. You can earn whitelisted token drops within the public gaming modes. This is an amazing opportunity for crypto lovers to add new cryptos to their portfolios.

    A total of 3,866 skins or NFTs were minted in the game's first edition. These NFTs include characters as well as weapon NFTs. As discussed above, these skins have different levels and specific rarities. Common NFTs will have the highest supply; rare NFTs will have a more limited supply, and so on.

    This game is built on the Solana blockchain and therefore comes with this network's decentralization and security features. Solana was chosen by the team because of its extreme popularity, focus on the web, amazing user experience, and affordable fees. The smooth UX and efficiency of this blockchain network are responsible for the efficient functioning of this browser-based game, with 400,000 registered users using it daily across the globe.

    Earning Solana via Gameplay

    To start earning, you will need NFTs, be it a character or a weapon. Whenever you make a kill or assist with an NFT character or weapon, you earn E-tokens or 'e,' which can then be converted into Solana.

    The amount of 'e' you earn depends on your score, wherein one kill equals a score of 100. Further, there are other bonuses you can earn for headshots, grenade kills, sticky kills, and so on. A 1.2x bonus is also rewarded when you win a match. Hence, the more scores you rack up, the more 'e' you can earn, which translates to higher Solana earnings. follows a unique mechanism wherein the supply of 'e' you can earn depends on how many sponsors and partners the game has. Sponsors benefit from the advertising opportunities within the game. A portion of the sum obtained from sponsors is then put up in a pot for you to earn. Hence, you can profit from these games and add these rewards to your wallets.

    Conclusion is reimagining FPS games with browser-based, quick-to-load, blockchain-based gameplay. The intuitive mechanism makes it easy for anyone with a desktop and Internet to start playing on their browser. The gameplay, with features like teleportation and triple jump, sets it apart from simple point-to-shoot games. Further, you can start earning by buying NFTs and using them to rack up achievements that reward you with Solana-convertible in-game currencies.

    Try today! Futuristic arenas, solid gameplay, and a great earning mechanism are all clubbed together in this browser-based game. So what are you waiting for? is just a click away, and so are your crypto rewards!