Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons: Collect and Battle Dragon NFTs to Earn $Eternium. Form Alliances with Players Worldwide.

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    Key Highlights
    • Eternal Dragons is a fantasy blockchain game where you can Play-to-Earn with Dragons NFTs.
    • Get your Descendant Eggs from the Magic Eden Marketplace to breed Eternal Dragons NFTs. If you are in a hurry, buy Eternal Dragons NFTs from the Marketplace instead.
    • Use your Eternal Dragons NFTs to complete quests in PvE mode or by winning PvP matches to earn $Eternium.
    • Use your $Eternium earnings to heal and level up your Eternal Dragons NFTs and to pay the entry fees for guild competitions.
    • Win guild competitions to receive badges and medals and enter the Eternal Book records.

    The Genesis Dragon Collection comprises 10k generative digital collectibles with extensive utility. As the cornerstone of the Eternal Dragons Universe, Genesis Dragons are prominent throughout the franchise and can be used in all three of the games.