Ember Sword

Ember Sword: Enter the Web3 Player-Driven Open World Filled with Adventure in this Sandbox MMORPG

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    Bright Star Studios
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      Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark
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    • Ember Sword is an upcoming MMORPG set in a vast, player-driven open world where you can explore, battle, and shape your surroundings.
    • You drive the economy, controlling crafting, trading, and resources, adding a layer of depth and strategy to the game.
    • The game will be playable across multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, and Linux. You can switch between devices, allowing you to play at home or on the go effortlessly. If you want to play the game on the go, you can do so by using a laptop or a tablet that runs on PC or Mac operating systems.
    • The developers of Ember Sword are committed to developing a fair and balanced game with no pay-to-win mechanics or microtransactions that might give you or others an unfair advantage.
    • One of the game's most impressive features is its stunning hand-drawn graphics, lending it a beautiful and unique aesthetic. Every corner of the game world, from sprawling forests to bustling cities, is a work of art.

    About Ember Sword

    Step into the immersive realm of Ember Sword, a social sandbox MMORPG game that unfolds in a universe driven by its players. Its innovative classless system empowers players to freely select their weapons and playstyle, lending each character a distinct identity. Ember Sword caters to all players, whether they seek to delve into the game's world and its lore through PvE mode or to put their skills to the test against other players in PvP mode. However, Ember Sword isn't just any ordinary game. It is a blockchain-based gaming experience that allows players to trade digital assets and collectibles in secondary marketplaces. With over $2 million in funding and a recent $200 million land sale where virtual land plots were sold to about 35,000 gamers, Ember Sword is swiftly emerging as one of the most anticipated games in the blockchain gaming industry.