Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots: Play-to-Survive in the Metaverse and Build Your Web3 Collection of Junky Robots NFT

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    In Drunk Robots, you find yourself in the city of Los Machines, a futuristic city overrun by drunk robots who wreak havoc in the city. Your goal is to restore order in the city by collecting items such as robots and guns to boost your street reputation. In the game, you can participate in PVP battles as well as join drunk races to show the drunk robots which is the real metal head boss. In terms of the team battles, you can either create a gang or join an existing one to form a mob that will rule over the city. The game features two tokens, namely $METAL tokens which are in-game participation currencies and rewards, and $JUNK tokens which are in-game utility currencies that can be used for the purchase of items such as raffles and equipment.