Dimension X

Unlock Play-to-Earn Rewards with Strategic Role-Playing in the Free-to-Play Comic Universe of Dimension X

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    Key Highlights

    • Enter the Dimension X comic universe with this Play-to-Earn game on the Flow blockchain.
    • Start playing Dimension X using your free Sidekicks, which are account-bound non-NFT heroes that enable you to earn $THUL tokens.
    • Use your $THUL earnings to mint Generation 0 Hero NFTs which you can stake to participate in quests.
    • Complete quests and win battles to earn XPs and level up your Hero NFTs that will help you rise in Dimension X's leaderboards.
    • After rising in Dimension X's leaderboards, you can use your Faction XPs to summon Faction Bosses, limited-time weekly events with increasing difficulty and greater rewards.

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