Derby Stars

Derby Stars: Experience On-Chain Horse Racing by Breeding, Growing, Racing, and Trading your Horse NFTs

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    Key Highlights

    • Breed, grow, train, race, and trade your Horse NFTs in the Metaverse with Derby Stars.
    • Connect your Metamask wallet with at least one Horse NFT to start playing Derby Stars. Customize your Horse NFT's eight body parts to boost its rarity and status stats.
    • Use your Horse NFTs to take on the horses of Derby Stars' NPCs in PvE training mode to earn $CRT tokens.
    • Use your $CRT earnings to participate in Derby Stars' PvP racing competitions to earn $DSRUN tokens.
    • Use your $DSRUN earnings to breed Horse NFTs and vote on matters related to the governance of Derby Stars.

    About Derby Stars

    Derby Stars is a blockchain-based horse racing simulation game where you can breed, grow, race, and trade your Horse NFTs. In the game, you would train your Horse NFTs to improve their speed, stamina, and other attributes before entering races. Once your Horse NFTs are ready, you can use them to participate in PvP competitions to earn $RUN, the game's governance token, and Victory Points to improve your position in the PvP Rank leaderboard. In addition to Horse NFTs, Derby Stars is set to feature Land NFTs that would allow their holders to be ranch owners in the game. Derby Star's Early Access ended on 20 March 2023, but you can look forward to the upcoming launch of the game's Alpha.