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    DeRace is a blockchain-based platform for horse racing that unites billions of gamers and racehorse aficionados in a community where they can buy and breed NFT horses, participate in horse races, and place bets on their favorite horses. DeRace delivers users the best possible horse racing experience by simulating real-world horse racing in the virtual environment. Making NFT assets valuable is more important than simply having them. This resulted in DeRace successfully penetrating the video game, horse racing, and sports betting markets with the debut of its platform. Like any great idea, DeRace's vision has not only generated a stir in the industries but also opened up entirely new markets. One core feature of Derace is their fully automated payouts. Following a race, earnings are automatically paid out to the horse and hippodrome owners. Since the compensation method is entirely automated, there is no room for fraud or manipulation. There is also no space for error because it is based on pre-set algorithms.