Dekaron G

Dekaron G: A New PC and Mobile MMORPG That Let's You Experience the Thrilling Madness of Web3 Gaming

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    Key Highlights

    • Dekaron G is a PC and mobile MMORPG, a new version of the mobile-only MMORPG, Dekaron.
    • Start your journey in Dekaron G by creating your in-game character before learning about its combos and special skills.
    • Level up your Dekaron G character by completing quests and defeating monsters through PvE hunting and PvP battles.
    • Once your Dekaron G character reaches level 20, you can join a Guild and participate in large-scale battles to control Braiken Castle and earn Nunvice Crystals.
    • Collect 500,000 or more Nunvice Crystals before converting them into $INCAR tokens that can be traded on the WEMIX platform.

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