DEFIT: A Web3 App with In-Built Game-Fi and Social-Fi Elements to Unlock a Rewarding Active Lifestyle

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    Key Highlights
    • DEFIT is the go-to fitness app for Move-to-Earn through activities such as walking, running, biking, and swimming.
    • Download the DEFIT app from the Apple App or Google Play store to track your location and activity levels using wearables such as a smartwatch.
    • Get moving and start earning $DEFIT coins. Buy a BabyFit NFT from OpenSea to boost your $DEFIT coin earnings and energy recovery rates.
    • Increase your fitness activity stats to level up your avatar and become a team leader in the DEFIT community.
    • Use DEFIT'S app location spoofing functions to catch and hatch Pokemons on the Pokemon Go app.
    Babyfit Genesis

    BabyFit Genesis is a collection of 1,500 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain created by DEFIT. The leading web3 Fitness & Lifestyle brand rewards people for leading an active and healthy lifestyle. The collection was designed by the world-renowned artist Samy Halim. Each unique character has its own sport specialty and set of attributes unleashing the power of web3 player mode within DEFIT fitness mobile application.