Step into the Realm of Defina and Discover Its Anime Gacha Gameplay Concept and Blockchain Trade Mechanics

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    Key Highlights

    • Defina Finance is a blockchain anime gacha RPG that combines NFT value with DeFi trading.
    • New players get to mint 4 Hero NFTs. Additional Hero NFTs can be acquired from the Defina Finance Marketplace or by minting Mystery Boxes.
    • Assemble your team of Hero NFTs to enter PvE battles in Adventure and Nightmare City modes and PvP battles in Guilds and Arena modes.
    • Win PvP battles to be rewarded with Defina Finance ($FINA) token earnings.
    • Use your $FINA token earnings to mint Mystery Boxes and Hero NFTs, purchase in-game items, wager Guild Wars, and vote on the Defina Finance DAO.

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