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DeFi Land: Gamify your DeFi experience with multi-chain trading agriculture-simulation game

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    DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture simulation game inspired by Facebook’s agriculture simulation game Farmville. DeFi Land gamifies all aspects of decentralized finance, making it easier and simpler for newcomers looking to participate in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto while also having fun. It is a free-to-play game though you would have to play hard to earn in the game. The game features its native utility token $DFL, which can be used for trading in game assets and NFTs, staking and LP incentives, game mechanics, and governance votes. DeFi Land allows you to participate in special events, play mini games, take care of the farm and animals, increase their land, and make money. With the educational mode, newcomers can practice and learn more about the industry without spending funds. DeFi Land's gameplay includes Fishing, Shooting, Harvesting, Pets, and Hidden Items, with more games to include.