Decentral Games: Be the Ultimate Web3 ICE Poker Player. Play Now and Win Big in the Metaverse

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    The games and social interactions offered by Decentral Games are played by hundreds of thousands of users each month. More specifically, since its release, their flagship game, ICE Poker, has captured the hearts of countless players who are gamblers.Players can acquire $ICE, their native token, and digital collectibles in the Metaverse poker game ICE Poker by winning tournaments, competing with other players on the leaderboard, completing daily missions as well as creating and overseeing their own ICE Poker team.Just when you think ICE Poker is all they possess, they also hold an “ICE-halving” event. By establishing a fixed supply cap of $ICE through Bitcoin-style halving events, Decentral Games can achieve a burn-to-earn ratio greater than 1:1 immediately following the first halving event. As a result, this restricted supply of $ICE coupled with rising demand, will significantly enhance the ecosystem as they continue to scale.