Deadrop: The New Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES) Game, Featuring NFTs and Tower Looting Gameplay

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    Deadrop is a pioneering NFT game developed by Midnight Society. The game pioneered the Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES) genre with the Refiner State Tower as the looting arena. Start each game by testing weapons and customizing loadouts at the Hideout. Your in-game objective is to raid the Tower for valuable loot and escape before other raiders in the game. To gain pre-Alpha access to the game, Tower Keys were available for $25 (currently sold out). Alternatively, you can obtain pre-Alpha access to the game by getting a Midnight Society's Founder Pass NFT from OpenSea. Tower Keys and Founder Pass NFTs grant exclusive access to the game's Deep Freeze Collection, special events, and the game's Season 0 battle passes that is slated to be released sometime in 2024.

    Key Highlights
    • Deadrop is an NFT looter-shooter game currently in development by Midnight Society, the studio of YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespect.
    • In this pioneering Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES) game, you would be deadropped into the Refiner State Tower, your raiding target and extraction point.
    • Raid the Refiner State Tower for high-value loot before exiting an extraction point before a competing raider takes it.
    • Obtain pre-Alpha access to Deadrop by getting a Midnight Society's Founder Pass NFT from OpenSea.
    • Founder Pass NFT holders have exclusive access to Deadrop's Deep Freeze Collection and the game's Season 0 battle passes, slated to be released sometime in 2024.
    Midnight Society Founders Access Pass

    This limited series of Midnight Society Access Passes grants the holder studio-specific perks including but not limited to: a one-of-a-kind "Variant" PFP (profile pic) with unique VisorCortex, Call Sign, and other attributes of various rarity. Founders are entitled to voting rights on game features, exclusive access to studio events, first dibs on merchandise, early access to the latest dev build, and more.