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As a multi-chain GameFi project powered by NFTs, D.G.Pals' games come from multi-genre, including a tower defense (D.G.P. Merge Defence), virtual simulator (D.G.P. New World), and squad-battler (D.G.P. Legends) tied together by interoperable NFTs. Currently, the first title in the D.G.Verse ecosystem, D.G.P. New World, is a virtual pet simulator game that runs on idle farming mechanics. You can hatch D.G.Eggs, rear, and grow them into extraordinary D.G.Pals NFTs as you explore the in-game world. D.G.P.: Legends is the second release, allowing players to enter their D.G.Pals NFTs into combat in auto-battler mode with the D.G.Pals NFTs of other players. With more games in the pipeline, players will have a ton of adventure with their D.G.Pals NFTs through quests and battles as the games are released.

Key Highlights
  • D.G.Pals is a multi-chain and multi-genre GameFi project with interoperable NFTs.
  • Start playing D.G.Pals in Free-to-Play mode with D.G.P Merge Defence. Defend the Crystal Gateway from attacks by hostile factions of rogues.
  • Own at least 1 D.G.Egg to start playing D.G.P New World. Use the virtual simulator to raise up to 10 D.G.Pals NFTs simultaneously.
  • Chart the maturity personality of your D.G.Pals NFTs by choosing the locations in New World Island to visit with your D.G.Pals NFTs.
  • Unlock skills in the Talent Tree by participating in D.G.P Legends' 5v5 auto-squad battles with your matured D.G.Pals NFTs.
Gameplay Components

The D.G.Verse is a Metaverse of social online interaction and games in Panterra, a world created by the moth Goddess Gaea, a parallel world in which two dominant species coexist – D.G.Pals and humans. As part of the tradition, D.G.Pals and their human explorers first begin to bond in the New World Programme, thereafter, embarking on their journey of discovery.

There are various worlds to experience and explore in the D.G.Verse, each with its own unique elements to make them fun and engaging so that you can compete, level up, and earn token rewards.

D.G. Worlds: The New World

Image Post
D.G. Pal House in the New World (Source:

This is where it all starts, where you can incubate your egg. Several different egg types will determine the kind of baby Pal you will get. Your Pal will go through a 5-day growing stage before maturing into one of the six different Prime forms of your Pal. Once this process is complete, you can mint your NFT pal and begin the journey through the game’s ecosystem which is laid out as an Evolution Tree so that you can see the progress of your Pals.

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D.G. Pal Evolution Tree (Source:

D.G.Pals runs on idle mechanics to enable the growth of your NFT. You can raise up to 10 D.G Pals at the same time and you will be updated about their activities through a daily journal. As part of your pet’s evolution, there are several milestones they will need to accomplish, such as visiting particular locations around the New World island.

As your D.G.Pals grow, they increase their stats from events that happen along the journey. Once they reach full maturity, they will develop one out of 26 possible personalities based on their daily activities. This gives each NFT a unique combination of traits made up of their prime form, stats, and personality.

D.G.P: Legends

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DGP Legends (Source:

This belongs to the tradition of Panterra where D.G.Pals enter into combat and become Legends.

Select five of your D.G.Pals to form a team to participate in the battle arena and fight your way to the top by strategizing your defense teams and attacks. Based on their egg type and stats, each NFT will have different skills that will affect their performance during battle.

You can optimize the battle performance of your D.G.Pals by increasing their Core Stats. This can be done by equipping them with items such as weapon, helm, garb, boots and ring. In addition, you can also form or join Clans to play with fellow gamers to share knowledge and experiences with like-minded players and compete for a spot on the Top Clans leaderboards. These knowledge and experience could come in handy in the heat of battles and help you rise up the ranks in the leaderboards.

Image Post
Types of D.G Eggs (Source: Avocado DAO)

In Legends, D.G.Pals become stronger and level up as they participate in combat. Through battles, you will increase your stats, and by spending some $OPL, you will get access to a talent tree. There, you can upgrade your D.G.Pal’s skills, to improve its performance within its arena team.

Each D.G.Pal’s in-game progress is tied to its unique journey. The NFT will maintain its progression earned in Legends. However, whenever NFTs are traded or sold, their progression will reset to Level 1.

Gameplay Mechanics

D.G.Pals' gameplay is supported by intricate mechanics comprised of choice of positioning, D.G.Pal experience gaining process as well as a Quest system which is tied to the different types of in-game NFTs.

Positioning of D.G.Pals in different locations and the attendant benefits

Position Bonuses boost certain stats of your D.G.Pals when they are placed in specific positions of the Team Set-up. These boosts might change during different seasons of Ranking, and other bonuses will become available in future.

Explorers will also be able to see icons denoting what type of bonus your D.G.Pal will be receiving. Click on these icons to view details about each bonus.

Leverage the strengths of your D.G.Pals by assigning them Position Bonuses that complement their abilities to gain the upper hand in battles!

Current Position Bonuses

  • Position 1: +10% Damage resistance
  • Position 2: +15% HP
  • Position 3: +10% Skill effectiveness
  • Position 4: +5 Energy per second
  • Position 5: +10% Attack Speed
D.G.Pal's Experience gaining process

D.G.Pals gain Experience Points by expending Energy Points. The conversion formula for Energy Points to Experience Points varies based on the outcome of battles as below.

(a) 45 Energy Points would be converted into 45 Experience Points for a win.

(b) 20 Energy Points spent would be converted to 20 Experience Points for a loss.

Daily and Weekly Quests

You will receive 1 Daily Quest for each D.G.Pal you have in your inventory with daily resets taking place at 12AM UTC+8, . Each account will also receive 1 Weekly Quest worth 290 $OPL with weekly resets taking place at 12AM UTC+8, every Monday.

Holders of special D.G.Pals NFTs will receive Quests of higher value as below.

(a) Holders of Unlimited NFTs will receive a Daily Quest with a value of 5 $OPL.

(b) Holders of Genesis NFTs will receive a Daily Quest with a value of 7 $OPL.

(c) Holders of Ultra Rare NFTs will receive a Weekly Quest with a value of 580 $OPL.

Differences between Normal, Limited Edition, Genesis and Unlimited D.G.Pals NFTs

Other than the value of Daily and Weekly Quests received by their holders, the main difference between these NFTS is scarcity. Genesis only has 10,000 mints while Limited Edition only mints a certain amount for a particular event. Unlimited NFTs on the other hand has no cap on the number of minted NFTS. Additionally, these different types of NFTs also come with exclusive rewards as below.

(a) Holders of Limited Edition NFTs receive daily and weekly $OPL rewards of a random egg and random loot boxes.

(b) Holders of Genesis NFTs receive daily rewards of Vathmite Dust (a speck of cloudy dust from long-lost wars that can be used to upgrade Equipment NFTs) and $OPL.

(c) Holders of Genesis 1 NFTs receive daily rewards of $OPL and a rotating weekly rewards of $OPL, $DGG, random loot boxes and random eggs.


These are NFTs that attach to the main character NFTs to enhance abilities and stats. Kind of a Diablo style equipment and weapon experience for the player. Equipment can be collected in sets which at the moment do not have added benefits.

As mentioned in the How to Play section, there are 5 types of Equipment NFTs namely helm, garb, weapon, boots, accessory. These Equipment NFTs can be attached to each character subject to the conditional limit of 1 item for each type of equipment. Each Equipment NFT has a primary and secondary stat buff. Collectively, both these buffs help boost the existing stats for the different categories of Strength (Str), Agility (Agi), Intellect (Int) and Dexterity (Dex). Higher stats would translate into improved performance during combat.

Primary NFTs

The primary NFTs are cute Pokémon-like characters that are used to access the D.G.Pals metaverse. Owning an NFT will allow you to experience all the game modes available. One of the most exciting facts about these cute NFT warriors is that D.G.Pals are uniquely designed to be interoperable! In the future, this will enable them to be played in a variety of games both in and out of the D.G.Verse.

These adorable NFT characters go through 5 different growth stages from Baby, Child, Youth, Adult, to Prime forms. They take five days to mature, during which you will be able to collect $OPL. Once they reach maturity i.e enters into Prime form, you will be able to mint your D.G.Pals NFT at the cost of 800 $OPL (+ gas fees).

Armed with your D.G Pals NFT, you would be able to participate in games across the D.G.Verse ecosystem. With this multi-game model, as different games come to the market, additional forms of utility will be implemented, which will increase the value of the NFTs and tokens.

There are several different mechanisms assigned to the NFTs. While all NFTs grant access to the D.G.Pals metaverse, the Genesis and Limited Edition NFTs comes with extra features as they give the owners daily and weekly rewards in the form of D.G.Eggs, D.G.Pal NFTs and $OPL,

How do you gain more Primary NFTs?

If you want to own more NFTs, you can acquire them through the ways as set out below.

  • Purchase them off Ebisu’s Bay or Minted.
  • Hatch and mint through egg drops at various events held by the D.G.Pals team.
  • Trade your NFT with players directly from D.G.Pals’ Discord channel.
Secondary NFTs

Secondary NFTs are attached to the main character NFTs, such as in-game items or equipment that enhance abilities and stats. Equipment can be collected in sets which, if completed, would further enhance the stats.

These NFTs attach themselves to the D.G.Pals NFTs to enhance the D.G.Pal's abilities and stats. In-game items, equipment, and weapons linked to secondary NFTs can be discovered in loot boxes gained from daily or weekly rewards or can be purchased from the marketplaces such as Ebisu’s Bay or Minted.

D.G.Pass and D.G.Verse Gaming NFTs

D.G.Pals has stated that they would continuously try to experiment and improve models of implementing gaming assets. With this in mind they are introducing two new ways of improving the game experience. The first one is D.G.Pass NFT which is a Soulbound NFT that cannot be transferred or sold. Even though it has no resale value, a D.G.Pass NFT can be used as a personal profile picture (PFP) avatar in D.G Pals.

D.G.Pass NFTs provide a bunch of characteristics including as a regular gaming pass or gaming NFT i.e. in the form of a D.G.Verse Gaming NFT depending on the particular game in the D.G Pals ecosystem. As of January 2023, D.G Pals has only disclosed that their D.G.Verse Gaming NFT would aim to address the three key pain points in web3 gaming as set out below.

  • "Disorganised gamer inventory (asset management)

  • Massive off-ramp friction

  • Superficial implementation of NFTs in games."


D.G.Pals is a fun and immersive game with the cutest character design which appeals to both collectors and fans. The layers of complexity in strategy, itemization, and team formations in DGP Legends have been carefully designed and executed to capture the fun spirit of the D.G.Verse.

Enter the D.G.P New World to hatch eggs or take part in D.G.P Legends for the auto-battler and the opportunity to earn $OPL.

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