Learn about D.G.Pals, the NFT collection with Multi-Genre Gameplay.

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Key Highlights

  • D.G.Pals is a multi-chain and multi-genre GameFi project with interoperable NFTs.
  • Start playing D.G.Pals in Free-to-Play mode with D.G.P Merge Defence. Defend the Crystal Gateway from attacks by hostile factions of rogues.
  • Own at least 1 D.G.Egg to start playing D.G.P New World. Use the virtual simulator to raise up to 10 D.G.Pals NFTs simultaneously.
  • Chart the maturity personality of your D.G.Pals NFTs by choosing the locations in New World Island to visit with your D.G.Pals NFTs.
  • Unlock skills in the Talent Tree by participating in D.G.P Legends' 5v5 auto-squad battles with your matured D.G.Pals NFTs.

Partners & Backers of D.G.Pals

  • Spartan Group
  • AvocadoDAO
  • Great South Gate
  • Mighty Jaxx
  • Orca Global
  • Path DAO
  • Play it Forward
  • GSR Ventures
  • Octava

About D.G.Pals

As a multi-chain GameFi project powered by NFTs, D.G.Pals' games come from multi-genre, including a tower defense (D.G.P. Merge Defence), virtual simulator (D.G.P. New World), and squad-battler (D.G.P. Legends) tied together by interoperable NFTs. Currently, the first title in the D.G.Verse ecosystem, D.G.P. New World, is a virtual pet simulator game that runs on idle farming mechanics. You can hatch D.G.Eggs, rear, and grow them into extraordinary D.G.Pals NFTs as you explore the in-game world. D.G.P.: Legends is the second release, allowing players to enter their D.G.Pals NFTs into combat in auto-battler mode with the D.G.Pals NFTs of other players. With more games in the pipeline, players will have a ton of adventure with their D.G.Pals NFTs through quests and battles as the games are released.