Cryptopolis: Experience the NFT Assets Ownership Through the Power of Web3 Gaming

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    Cryptopolis is a social finance (SocialFi) game in which players manage digital assets using room decorating and social interaction elements not unlike those of The Sims. The game requires you to participate in social activities, perform daily quests as well as play mini-games to earn Cryptopolis ($CPO) tokens. The NFTs in the game take the form of NFT Bundles for home decoration and clothing items. These NFTs can be used to increase your Prestige which would grant you access to higher floors in the Tower that stands as the central tenet of the game. As a new player, you will receive your complimentary room in the Tower when you complete your tutorial lessons. As you progress along the game, you will find yourself rising up the Tower which would allow you to unlock higher-tier NFTs that benefit your Prestige.