Crypto Unicorns

Discover the World of Crypto Unicorns: Experience Web3 Gameplay that Centers Around Unicorns NFTs

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    Key Highlights

    • Crypto Unicorns is a digital pet farming blockchain game.
    • Start your adventure in Crypto Unicorns' Multiverse by acquiring a Land NFT to breed, hatch and evolve your Unicorn NFTs.
    • Ride your Unicorn NFTs into the Dark Forest to take on the Shadowcorns in PvE mode or battle other players in the Jousting Arena and Unicorn Party in PvP mode to earn $RBW tokens.
    • Use your $RBW earnings to vote on the governance of Crypto Unicorns or stake them to earn rewards.
    • Participate in Crypto Unicorns' events and tournaments to earn $UNIM tokens. Use your $UNIM earnings to evolve your Unicorn NFTs and craft in-game items.

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