Crypt Busters

Survive & Earn with Crypt Busters: Collect Merc NFTs in an Action-Packed World of Roguelike Combat

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    Key Highlights

    • Crypt Busters is a survival action NFT game with roguelike combat elements.
    • Get your Mercs NFTs and Combat Vehicles NFTs from the Crypt Busters Marketplace or in-game shop to hunt down the Infected in Autoplay mode or battle the enemies in Survival mode to earn Cores.
    • Use the Claim function in Crypt Busters to convert your Cores to $BQT tokens.
    • Exchange your $BQT tokens for $MATIC tokens on supported exchanges like Quickswap.
    • Use your $MATIC tokens to acquire exclusive Mercs NFTs and more Combat Vehicles NFTs from the Crypt Busters Marketplace.

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