Start Your Virtual Farming Business with CropBytes: Trade Assets, Grow Crops, and Real-World Farming.

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    Key Highlights
    • Experience Real Farming Virtually with CropBytes, a crypto-powered game simulating real-world farming and economy.
    • Start a farming journey across different devices and seamlessly access CropBytes on Android, iOS, and the web.
    • Begin playing through a free trial pack upon signing up and start trading assets in the market to expand your virtual farm.
    • Take your role as a farmer, trader, or worker. Grow crops, harvest, and trade to build your virtual farm.
    • Acquire Superheroes NFTs to enhance your farm earnings and spend it by buying essential assets, farming tools, and animals for a thriving agricultural venture in CropBytes.

    Just like in the real world, water, seeds, and feed are required for daily consumption. These are essential assets in the game. They are utilized to grow crops and feed animals.

    Farming assets like croplands and trees are required to produce crops and fruits. Once produced, the harvested crops and fruits can be converted to feed, and consumed by Animals, Pro Animals, and Superheroes.

    Animals produce extracts that are used for various purposes in the CropBytes metaverse. They consume different amounts of feed and water. They also produce different extracts.

    Pro Animals are special animals that can only be bought with CBX. They produce a unique set of extracts that is required to make Breed Feed.

    Superhero NFTs are limited edition assets that are not just collectibles, but also have utility in the game. They help boost your farm's output and fuel your earnings.

    Buildings are used for producing utilities and providing services.