Celestial: Conquer the Web3 Universe through GameFi combats with NFT Battleships in the Metaverse

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    Have you ever wanted to play a game that prioritizes playability, community, and finances? Look no further as Celestial, a space-themed MMO game, has arrived at our borders. Joining federations (guilds), building and expanding colonies, exploring planets and galaxy clusters, collecting minerals and rare resources, researching technologies for both civic and military use, forging weapons and spaceships, and eventually engaging in combat with other players are all playable actions available to players. When talking about finances, Celestial also offers aggregated staking and liquidity mining. For their aggregated staking, the percentage is originally set at 4%, excluding compound profits that will go toward the DAO's daily operating costs. Another portion of the profit, which is determined at 1%, will go to the development team. For yields, there are several cryptocurrency and heavenly resource liquidity pools. For instance, gamers may use native blockchain tokens like ETH and USDT to provide their minerals, rare resources, and fuels. Extra incentives will be given fairly in order to reward liquidity suppliers. Gamers might stake them in the liquidity pool for celestial resources to get additional celestial resources, use them to create new things, or use them to strengthen federations.