Captain Tsubasa: Rivals

Captain Tsubasa: Rivals: Play Blockchain Football with Player NFTs and Score to Earn $TSUBASAUT

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    Captain Tsubasa: Rivals is a blockchain game inspired by the legendary manga series of Captain Tsubasa, which sold over 70 million copies and has been translated into more than 20 languages. One of the manga's key highlights is Tsubasa's personal growth as a player, forged through intense battles with formidable rivals. The game captures the intensity of Captain Tsubasa's rivalries with its Rivals (PvE) and PvP game modes powered by Player NFTs, its $TSUBASAUT utility token, and its $TSUGT governance token.

    Key Highlights
    • Captain Tsubasa: Rivals is a browser-based PC and mobile NFT game based on the popular anime and manga series Captain Tsubasa.
    • Create an account and link your wallet with enough $MATIC to purchase a Player NFT from the Captain Tsubasa: Rivals marketplace.
    • Use your Player NFT to play in Captain Tsubasa: Rivals' PvE game mode to earn rewards such as Treasure Boxes, Rival Pieces, and PvP Tickets.
    • Use your PvP ticket rewards to participate in Captain Tsubasa: Rivals' PvP football matches.
    • The player with more Rival Points (RPs) would be the winner, with the prize being the opponent's target Rival Piece.
    Player Card

    A "Player" NFT is a character card that is required to play the game.

    Support Characters

    Each player's Support Slot can be equipped with a Support Character to gain buffing effects during the game. To equip a Support Character, you must first unlock the Support Slot. There are a total of 8 support slots per player.

    Mint Scroll

    Player packs can be obtained by minting two Parent characters using Mint Scrolls. The Mint Scrolls must have the same rarity as the parent NFT. During a minting, players need to spend $TSUBASAUT token. Upon opening the player pack after minting, the new child NFT can be obtained.