Brave Nine

Play Brave Nine to Build Your Team and Master Strategic Tactics to Earn In-Game Blockchain Tokens

  • RPG
  • Strategy
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    Key Highlights

    • Brave Nine is a unique turn-based strategy RPG (sRPG) featuring battles presented with stunning artwork.
    • Engage in the PvE battles of Brave Nine in the Rune Temple and PvP battles in the global Arenas and Guild Wars tournaments to earn Purified Terra tokens.
    • Swap your Purified Terra tokens earnings from Brave Nine's PvE and PvP battles in exchange for $BRAVE tokens.
    • Use your $BRAVE tokens to buy Mercenary NFTs from the Brave Nine marketplace. You can also buy Soul Gear items to boost the stats of your Mercenary NFTs.
    • Create strategic Mercenary NFTs formations to conquer the battlegrounds in Brave Nine.

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