Bomb Crypto: Join the BombSquad and Start Earning Real Money By Mining BOMBs in the Metaverse

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    Designed based on the classic Bomberman game, Bomb Crypto involves fighting monsters using Bomb Heroes to earn Bomb coins ($BCOINs) that can be used to purchase bombs. These bombs can then be used to destroy the bases of other players in order to steal their BCOINs. In order to play the games, you would need to acquire Bomb Heroes NFTs that can be upgraded and sold for BCOINs. The competitive element of the game is provided by a leaderboard that rewards top-ranked players with $BCOINs. With up to 500 Bomb Heroes NFTs to be collected through three games in the form of Treasure Hunt, Story, and Battle Modes, Bomb Crypto is a pixel-based NFT game not to be missed.