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Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play massive multiplayer open-world game set in a vibrant digital landscape styled in the form of a giant block party. The world of Blankos Block Party revolves around futuristic, fun, and poppy design and aesthetics. Players can roam and explore the Blankos open world, obtain characters to participate in Blankos Brawl, or create their own block parties and mini-games. Additionally, Blankos Block Party allows players to collect, customize, and even trade their characters (that take the form of NFTs) for real money. Blankos Block Party operates using Mythical, a platform premised on the EOSIO blockchain which is bridged to Ethereum, thereby connecting the game to the Web3 ecosystem.

Key Highlights
  • Action-Packed. A sandbox-style action game, with a focus on user-generated content.
  • Let's Get Naughty. The central part of the game is the Blankos, which are mischievous and fun digital collectible vinyl toys.
  • Building Party. You can build your own block party using an extensive assortment of building materials, decorations, props, and other items available.
  • Gameplay Mix. The game offers a unique mix of gameplay elements, including racing, shooting, and vibe collection modes.
  • Multiplayer Brawls. The game's team multiplayer mode takes the form of Blankos Brawls in which participants will play in either a Qualifier Stage or a Team Stage, depending on how many players are participating in the Brawl.
(2) Game Modes

There are three primary game modes in Blankos Block Party namely single-player, social party and team multiplayer modes.

(a) Single-Player and Social Party Modes

Blankos Block Party's player-driven world enables you to create block parties in which others can participate. In the single-player mode, you can build your own block parties or enter into Trials which are like practice modes where you can sharpen your gameplay before competing against other players. Alternatively, you can opt for social party mode, where you can invite your friends or other players to try out the block parties you have built.

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Connect with your friends! (Source:

With regard to the rewards for creators of block parties, as of February 2023 Blankos Block Party's official website provides that "More info on this later but there will be rewards and unlocks for players that build awesome and popular Parties." While we await official confirmation about the rewards for creators of block parties, let's start learning the ropes on how to go about creating these parties.

  • Anyone can develop their own block party using an extensive assortment of building materials, decorations, props, and other items available.

  • To initiate the building process, you would first need to enter into Build mode. After entering this mode, you will be dropped inside a blank world and start at the spawn point.

  • A block budget will be allocated to you which limits how extensive your block party can be and adds an extra layer of challenge to the building process.

  • Initially, you would only have access to a collection of basic items but as you progress, the items in your inventory will increase. Some of the items available to players for the block party building process are as below.

    Basics which are building blocks of a level or party and may include cubes, bricks, ramps, and so on.

    Structures which are the bigger items such as buildings.

    Interactives which are items that Blankos can interact with such as spray paint cans, beach balls, seesaws, fans or cannons.

    Lights which can be used to light up specific areas of your party, as per your liking.

You can use these items (which can be scaled and adjusted) to design block parties the way you want including the configurations of the mini-games and their rules.

Once the design is complete, you would need to set the game's parameters. This will include the the settings of the game such as the minimum and maximum number of participants, whether the party will be private or public, the game mode (whether single-player or social party), and the objectives of the game (the terms of victory).

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Build Your Own Levels (Source:

(b) Team Multiplayer Mode

The game's team multiplayer mode takes the form of Blankos Brawls in which participants will play in either a Qualifier Stage or a Team Stage, depending on how many players are participating in the Brawl. Winners make it to the Winner's Circle with the main objective of being the last Blanko standing. Each Blankos Brawls stage consists of one of three games modes as below.

(i) Shooting

  • This mode is like a regular shooting game, except for the fact that it only consists of death matches and team death matches. In a death match, you can win by scoring the most knockouts whereas in a team death match, the team with the most knockouts wins.

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Shooter (Source:

(ii) Racing

  • This mode involves racing through a predetermined route against other Blankos. First to cross the line wins.

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Racing (Source:

(iii) Vibe Collection

  • This mode requires players to collect vibes, which are colored lightning bolts scattered around an area. Yellow vibes are worth 50 points, purple vibes are worth 10 points, blue vibes are worth 5 points, and pink vibes are worth 1 point. You either need to collect the most points within a specified time limit or gather all the required elements before others to emerge victorious.

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Vibe Collection (Source:

Blanko Brawl leaderboards track players with the most wins, knockouts, and pins (gold, silver, and bronze, depending on tasks accomplished within Brawls). Aces of the leaderboards would receive special in-game titles.

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Leaderboards (Source:

(4) Blankos

The central part of the game are the Blankos which are mischievous and fun digital collectible vinyl toys. Players access the in-game world and participate in Brawls, block parties as well as mini-games using their Blankos. Blankos are distinguished based on their classes and styles which change every season and with it the list of available Power Moves, Foundation Perks, and Hidden Perks.

(a) Power Moves

This refers to the active skills of Blankos. When you unbox a Blanko, you get to select two Power Moves, which come as pairs as part of a style. Each Power Move is part of a family of similar characteristics, which include moves such as Boost, Spin, Dash, Shield, Melee, Trap, Twirl, Lightfoot and Ground Pound. Your Blanko's Power Moves can be adjusted using Power Perks.

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Twirl and Lightfoot Power Moves (Source:

(b) Foundation Perks

Every Blanko comes with two Foundation Perks namely shove and run. Based on the selected style, your Blanko will also have other Foundation Perks. These relate to stats such as vibes, energy and health status.

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Health Buff Foundation Perks (Source:

(c) Hidden Perks These special traits of a Blanko can be unlocked when you reach certain milestones. You may want to proceed with caution however, as the unlocking of these perks cannot be undone. According to, each Season 1 Blanko would have two of the six Hidden Perks as below.

  • "Attachment Ace which allows jetpacks to use 10% less energy

  • Plummet which allows for higher terminal velocity

  • Holiday Shopper which shoves an enemy to give the player a 5 second speed boost

  • Life of the Party which emotes the player's nearby allies to give them 5 Health Points (HP) per second

  • Bopper which allows the player to jump off of other Blanko’s heads

  • Big Pockets which increases the player's max and starting stats by 50%."

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Season 1 Blankos (Source:

(5) Upgrading Blankos

Players can upgrade their Blankos through the GradeUp process by earning experience points (XPs) as well as by spending in-game currencies such as Moola or Blanko Bucks. Alternatively, players can earn XP chips from Party Pass challenges or by buying these chips from the in-game store or the game's web shop (The Shop).

Each Blanko is graded as Fair, Good, and Excellent. Further, some Blankos can be upgraded to Mint and Gem Mint grades through the Gem Rush process which makes them more unique and rarer through the unlocking of custom designs. Gem Rush entails four processes namely grading up, fusion, second round of grading up and final fusion. Higher grades afford additional customization options for Blankos.

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Gem Rush Processes (Source:

(6) Customizing Blankos

Players can customize their Blankos with accessories or through the Mixing and/or Mashing process. Mixing involves customizing a single Blanko using Gumballs which come in various forms and can change the color of a Blanko in these ways.

  • The primary color, where a Gumball alters the overall color.
  • Inverse color, where a Gumball inverts the colors of a Blanko's parts.
  • Color blend, where a Gumball mixes or blends two Blankos.
  • Palette, where a Gumball alters a Blanko's overall color choices.

Mashing on the other hand involves splicing the characteristics of a Blanko before incorporating these characteristics into another Blanko resulting in the latter Blanko being a uniquely customized Blanko. The good news is that you will get to keep the spliced up original Blanko though not all Blankos can be used for the Mashing process. To top it all off, you can take the customization of your Blankos to the next level through the combined use of the Mixing and Mashing processes by further customizing a MashedUp Blanko using the Mixing Process.

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Customized Blankos (Source:

(7) Party Pass

Party Pass is a way for players to Play-and Earn (P&E). You must complete related daily, weekly, or seasonal challenges, which will earn you Hype Points that enables you to unlock a free Party Pass. A Party Pass comes with items such such as ordinary Blankos, Gumballs, Blanko Bucks, Moolas, Emotes and XP chips.

Alternatively, you can go to the in-game store or the game's web shop (The Shop) to buy a Party Pass+. In contrast with a Party Pass which only comes with basic rewards, a Party Pass+ comes with premium rewards such as rare Blankos, customization accessories and in-game consumables.

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Party Pass (Source:

In-Game Currencies Blanko Bucks

Presently, Blankos Block Party has no tradable token or cryptocurrency. Blanko Bucks is the game's hard currency which you can use to buy NFT-based in-game items that can be traded on the Mythical Marketplace. Additionally, payment in the form of Blankos Bucks is required for the GradeUp as well as Mixing and Mashing processes.

In order to obtain Blanko Bucks, you would need to go the in-game shop and spend some real money in the form of USD. Nonetheless, small amounts of Blanko Bucks are given out through Party Passes and selected in-game events.


Moola is the game's soft currency which you can use to buy non-NFT items from the in-game store or the game's web shop (The Shop).

The only way to obtain Moola is by playing the game through participation in Blankos Brawls, block parties or mini-games. Unlike Blanko Bucks, Moola is not available for sale at the in-game store.


Blankos, accessories, and other NFT items can be bought from in-game store or the game's web shop (The Shop) using Blanko Bucks. Alternatively, you can buy these in-game NFT items through the Mythical Market. In addition to generic collectibles, the game also feature exclusive collectibles designed by renowned brands and artists such as Nipsey Hussle's Blurberry Marathon clothing line, Tara McPherson, and EDM star DeadMau5. Do note however, that not all accessories are NFTs. To check the NFT status of an accessory, locate their NFT tag in your collection or the in-game shop.

In order to use your Blankos, you must first unbox them. Do note however, that you should unbox your Blankos judiciously as doing so would reduce the market value of your Blankos and the unboxing process cannot be undone. One way to elevate the market value of your Blankos post-unboxing is by equipping them with customization features and accessory items.


Blankos Block Party offer a simple yet fun gameplay experience, making it a fresh and welcoming entry into the blockchain gaming realm. The game is set as a a huge block party, where you compete in engaging games with your friends and other players. While you are at it, you can also collect cool Blankos as you earn experience and rewards that can be traded for real money. Let's not be a blockhead and miss out on the Blankos Party. Join the Party and be the best player around the block.

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