Blankos Block Party

Build and own your own block-styled multiplayer universe

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    Mythical Games
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Key Highlights

  • Action-Packed. A sandbox-style action game, with a focus on user-generated content.
  • Let's Get Naughty. The central part of the game is the Blankos, which are mischievous and fun digital collectible vinyl toys.
  • Building Party. You can build your own block party using an extensive assortment of building materials, decorations, props, and other items available.
  • Gameplay Mix. The game offers a unique mix of gameplay elements, including racing, shooting, and vibe collection modes.
  • Multiplayer Brawls. The game's team multiplayer mode takes the form of Blankos Brawls in which participants will play in either a Qualifier Stage or a Team Stage, depending on how many players are participating in the Brawl.

Partners & Backers of Blankos Block Party

  • Alameda Research
  • Binance Labs
  • Hashed
  • One Team Partners
  • A16Z
  • Alumni Ventures Group

About Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play massive multiplayer open-world game set in a vibrant digital landscape styled in the form of a giant block party. The world of Blankos Block Party revolves around futuristic, fun, and poppy design and aesthetics. Players can roam and explore the Blankos open world, obtain characters to participate in Blankos Brawl, or create their own block parties and mini-games. Additionally, Blankos Block Party allows players to collect, customize, and even trade their characters (that take the form of NFTs) for real money. Blankos Block Party operates using Mythical, a platform premised on the EOSIO blockchain which is bridged to Ethereum, thereby connecting the game to the Web3 ecosystem.