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Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-action combat, procedurally generated instances, and a player-owned economy enabled by collectable NFTs. While battling your way through history, you'll have the chance to pick up rare digital collectibles, tokens, and other in-game items. Challenge yourself in procedurally generated environments and Adventure Instances, allowing for infinite replayability. With over USD6.9M in volume for its NFT collection, Bigtime Studios has raised USD21M in two funding rounds.

Key Highlights
  • Big Time is a mythical fantasy Free-to-Play MMORPG on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Each adventure in Big Time offers a unique experience as maps and enemies are procedurally generated, allowing for endless replayability.
  • Boost the uniqueness of your Big Time gameplay experience with your personal Metaverse, SPACE, that you can customize with in-game NFTs.
  • Another in-game NFT is Hourglass, which you can equip during battles to earn $BIGTIME tokens for various gameplay access and utilities.
  • Connect to Space and Craft your own Cosmetic Collectibles and Hourglasses through Workshops.
How to play Big Time It's Time for a Big Adventure

Embark on an interdimensional adventure of epic proportions with Big Time – the new Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) powered by the Ethereum blockchain!

Step into the past, present, and future as you explore ancient civilizations and futuristic societies on your journey through history. Strikingly rendered landscapes and mythical monsters await, challenging you to battle your way through to earn precious rewards in the form of rare digital collectibles and NFTs.

Each Adventure Instance offers an entirely unique experience as its maps and enemies are procedurally generated. This means that no two battles will be the same – allowing for endless replayability. Battle and collect in-game items and tokens to produce NFTs for sale, or simply hang out with friends in your personal metaverse.

You will join an open and player-driven economy that leaves no room for pay-to-win mechanics. Success is dictated solely by your own skills, grit, determination, and creativity. Achieving success in Big Time depends on your ability to collect NFTs and equipment that would provide you with an extra edge in the game. Whether it's discovering rare items or leveling up your character, each NFT is an opportunity to customize your own personal metaverse.

Your adventure awaits — are you ready to make it big in Big Time?

Getting Started in the Great Big World

To begin with, users who will have access to Preseason are the following:-

  • Gold / Silver / Jade Pass Redeemers
  • Space Holders
  • Players who reached rank 20 in any of the previous patch

For those who missed out on the set criteria, there's still a way to access the game in its Preseason stage which is an invite codes. Alternatively, you can try to get your hands on Invite Codes by getting involved in the game's community or by looking out for giveaways by the Big Time Team.

Exploring the Great Big World

As soon as you begin playing Big Time, your mission will take you straight to town square, and introduce you to your first Adventure Portal. Here lies a gateway to whole other worlds through exciting challenges and rewarding experiences.

Image Post
Leaping into the Adventure Portal (Source:

But before you head into the unknown, take some time to gather a group of up to 6 players. Hit "P" on your keyboard to pull up the party window. Make sure your "looking for group" setting is on, so other players can join you. Or, if you don't want to wait, why not fire up your own party by inviting others?

You can also find some party mates in Big Time's official Discord server. Just head over to the "LOOKING FOR PARTY" section and join the conversation! When you have gathered a group of up to 6 players, head to the sea shore or the forest to find portals that are in your level range.

Once inside the portal, your mission will begin at the Tree of Life—a powerful sanctuary that provides healing and protection to all who enter within its radius.

To complete each mission successfully, it is recommended that you form a party of six players, each with their own unique class and abilities. While you can take on this challenge alone, having a team makes the journey even more exciting! Be sure to stay within 200 meters of each other so that everyone gets credit for enemy kills and can potentially get rewards like Pocket Watches, cosmetic NFTs (weapon and armor cosmetic skins) and utility NFTs (SPACE, Time Wardens, Forges, Armories, and Hourglasses).

Avoid rushing into the boss room as taking things slow and steady is often more beneficial and will give you a greater chance of success.

As you venture into the depths of the dungeons, keep an eye out for the rare and elusive Pocket Watch loot! With this item in your possession, you are granted the power to transform into any character class you desire — Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Quantum Fixer, Shadowblade, Battle Mancer, or Techblade. Do proceed with caution as switching to a new class using the pocket watch will reset your character to level 1 for the new class. However, when you switch back to your old class, your previous progression for the old class will be restored.

Character Classes

Choose from four unique and powerful classes — Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Quantum Fixer Shadowblade, Battlemancer and Techblade. Each class offers its own set of abilities, advantages and styles of play to keep every adventure thrilling and engaging.

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Big Time's Character Classes (Source:

Time Warrior: All about brute force and close range combat. With high defense, they’re great at tanking damage while dishing it out too.

Image Post
Time Warrior (Source:

Chronomancer: A master of magic and ranged attacks with powerful projectiles and area of effect damage.

Image Post
Chronomancer (Source:

Quantum Fixer: Heals and buffs allies, as well as de-buffing opponents. They also have access to turrets to take down enemies from afar.

Image Post
Quantum Fixer (Source:

Shadowblade: Relies on stealth and speed to deal massive amounts of damage using traps.

Image Post
Shadowblade (Source:

Once you reach level 30, you can unlock two powerful character classes, The Battlemancer, a combination of Chronomancer and Time Warrior, giving you a formidable melee warrior. On the other hand, Techblade is a damage dealer, harnessing Quantum Fixer and Shadowblade abilities.

Your class is determined by your Pocket Watch, allowing you to switch character classes during gameplay. This device stores each skill, ability and even equipment acquired through your journey, so you can choose how quickly or slowly you want to advance and customize your playstyle as you go.

Image Post
Character Class and its corresponding Pocket Watch (Source:

The Pocket Watch also allows for a more dynamic gameplay experience. As you switch classes, you can explore different strategies and take advantage of certain abilities that wouldn't be available to them with one specific class alone. It's like having multiple characters in one. Indeed, the possibilities of what you can do and create are endless!

If you're just starting out, then head on over to the class trainer vendor bots. They'll hook you up with starter Pocket Watches for any class.

Combat Mechanics

Big Time is an exciting role-playing game that takes the best elements from World of Warcraft and Runescape, creating a unique and fast-paced combat experience. The game's inventory system is incredibly deep, allowing players to equip all sorts of items ranging from weapons and armor to bags and gears that would dramatically increase their survivability and battle effectiveness.

Each weapon type has a combo system involving both left and right mouse clicks. This allows you to chain attacks together and create unique combinations of moves that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. You'll also want to make sure that you're properly equipped to battle. Wearing the best armor will give you an edge in combat, while bags will help store extra items that can come in handy in sticky situations.

To locate enemies quickly and accurately, you can also make use of the compass on top of your screen which shows you the location of both your allies and marked targets. Your hard work won't be in vain as you'll also receive loot in the form of NFTs. Nonetheless, NFT drops are rare as these drops are of lower probability in the loot table. However, if you are fortunate enough to come across these drops, the NFT loot you could obtain is not just useful during your journeys but can also bring you real money in the Big Time Marketplace.

Sell your collected NFTs in exchange for real money and cash in on your NFT rewards “big time”.

How to get ahead in the game

As your avatar slashes and swings their way through the enemy forces, they gain experience points. With each level they become stronger, faster, and more resilient by unlocking new powers and capabilities in the process. With every new level comes two stat points and one skill point that can be used to unlock new skills, upgrade existing skills, or buy powerful armor and weapons. Through careful strategic choices, players can customize their characters to suit whatever battle style best suits them.

Image Post
In-game Skill Tree (Source: Avocado Dao)

Procedural Generation

Have you ever fought the same boring battles over and over again in other combat games? Well, not with Big Time which stands out from the crowd with its innovative use of procedural generation to make every Adventure Instance unique. With procedural generation, each battle is an entirely different experience – no two will ever be the same!

Items and Equipment

There are six main kinds of items and equipment namely Pocket Watches, Weapons, Gears, Armor, Bags and Consumables. It’s important to remember that these items are NOT NFTs. They are all practical in-game items that you need in order to survive in Big Time. Collecting them will give you an edge against any enemy that may come your way.

Item Rarity

Items have an attribute called rarity. As it implies, some items are more rare. The more rare or items that have higher rarity are much more likely to be better than their lower rarity counterparts. Rarity applies to Pocket Watches, weapons, gears, armor, bags and consumables.


Big Time gives you access to an arsenal of high-powered weapons with varying stats. Whether you're going up against barriers, shields, armor or health, these weapons will give you an edge in battle. Each weapon type also has a combo system involving both left and right mouse button clicks. This means you can unleash a flurry of deadly combos that will mow down your enemies before they even know what hit them!


Have you ever wondered what's inside a Pocket Watch? Maybe it's an eternity of secrets, or just a few rusted gears. But these tiny gears that fit within a Pocket Watch can hold more than just time — some of them offer incredible abilities and stat bonuses!

Whether you're looking for adventure or just a bit of extra power, these gears can be found in hidden portals or purchased from vendroids. From common to legendary, they come in all different rarities — so be sure to check the items’ rarity before making a purchase.

Image Post
Gears (Source:


Arm yourself and equip the best armor you can find! When choosing your armor, don't forget to look out for all the different stats and bonuses it can grant – from increased physical defense, to magical resistance and more. The higher the armor's rarity, the higher its stat bonuses will be, as well as other rewards like unique skills. To get your hands on the perfect armor, scour every corner of Big Time in search of rare pieces. Or, if you prefer, take a trip to the local vendroid for some pre-crafted masterpieces.

Image Post
Armor (Source:


Bags are items that give you additional inventory slots depending on their Tier and Rarity. Dropped during portal runs from defeated enemies, these special bags come in many colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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Additional Inventory (Source:


There are 5 kinds of consumables namely Energy Potion, Health Potion, Summon Party Potion, One Way Ticket to Town and Tree of Life Potion. In the world of Big Time, consumables are a must. Whether you're adventuring deep into dark dungeons or setting off for an epic quest, the right consumable can be the difference between life and death! Thankfully, these items can be found all over the land, or you can just look for a friendly Vendroid, who will be more than happy to help you out.

Image Post
Consumables (Source:

NOTE: As Big Time is in the Preseason stage of development, the information above will evolve as the systems and mechanics evolve and expand.

As you traverse through the treacherous terrain of Big Time, one thing is for certain is that survivability is key. To stay alive, you must be equipped with the right items and equipment!


Through Workshops, you may now connect to SPACE, which enables you to craft and upgrade your Cosmetic Collectibles and Hourglasses.

There are three types of Workshops.

  1. The Forge, where you can craft and upgrade Weapon Cosmetic and refine Cosmetic Shards.
  2. The Armory, where you can craft and upgrade Armor Cosmetic Collectibles and refine Cosmetic Shards.
  3. The Time Warden, where you can craft, upgrade, and recharge Hourglasses as well as Dismantle Cracked Hourglasses.

To acquire Workshops, you may purchase them on Open Loot Marketplaces, when performing game actions, or through opening Workshop Mystery Boxes.

Game Modes

When you first dive into the world of Big Time, you'll be playing in its PvE mode.

Fret not however as PvP mode is coming soon, so do keep an eye out for news updates!

In-Game Currency

Time Crystals are Big Time’s in-game currencies that give players an added advantage within the game. Time Crystals are bound to your account and cannot be traded. You can purchase them directly from the Big Time Marketplace or you can get lucky and find them as random drops in-game.

Time Crystals allow players to perform bonus rolls at Forges, Armories and Time Wardens, craft Hourglasses for upgrading and recharging, buy additional Hourglass equipment slots, and even access special zones and dungeons otherwise hidden away from ordinary travelers. These items are utility NFTs which will be further explained in the NFTs section below.

How do you gain more of Time Crystals?
  • Purchase directly from the Big Time Marketplace.
  • Rare random drop in-game.
How do you use Time Crystals?
  • Perform Bonus Rolls at Forges, Armories and Time Wardens.
  • Perform Hourglass crafting, upgrading and recharging at the Time Warden.
  • Buy additional Hourglass equipment slots.
  • Access special in-game zones/dungeons.
Game Economy

Big Time strives to create a game economy that puts the player first. Instead of relying on traditional forms of monetization, where players are simply buying in-game items, Big Time has adopted a “Cosmetic Based Economy”.

From weapons to clothing, there's something that everyone can create and make their own. This system ensures that all players have access to the same level of rewards and opportunities, regardless of background. It starts with SPACE which is Big Time’s digital land also include utility NFTs, which are the factories that enable crafting and selling of Cosmetic Collectibles and Hourglasses.

Image Post
Big Time SPACE NFTs (Source:

Hourglasses are limited supply artifacts that, once equipped, will start generating $BIGTIME Tokens while you're engaged in game play. As an Armory and Forge owner, you need $BIGTIME tokens to craft your own Cosmetic Collectibles. Every item crafted is truly one of a kind. Once these Cosmetic Collectibles are crafted, they'll be listed on the Big Time Marketplace where other players can purchase them.

Image Post
Hourglass will generate $BIGTIME Tokens (

In a nutshell, this is how the game economy would work:

  • Time wardens would craft Hourglasses.
  • Hourglasses are required by $BIGTIME suppliers who would equip them and start generating $BIGTIME tokens.
  • $BIGTIME tokens are required by Armory and Forge owners, who need them to craft Cosmetic Collectibles.
  • Cosmetic Collectibles would then be listed on Big Time’s marketplace for other players to buy.

Image Post
Big Time Game Economy (Source:


Space NFTs are used to expand your personal metaverse. With Space NFTs, you can not only connect utility NFTs like Forges, Armories and Timer Wardens, but also place decoration collectibles, host friends, and acquire Cracked Hourglasses all within your own custom metaverse world.

SPACE has 5 different rarity tiers namely Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Exalted. These tiers offer unique experiences, from rare creatures to beneficial resources.

Image Post
Space NFTs' rarity (Source:

SPACE is an NFT, making it transferable and having a fixed supply. That means that you can trade SPACE NFTs on the Big Time Marketplace.

How do you gain more of SPACE NFTs?
  • Purchase from the Open Loot Marketplace
  • Acquired as a very rare random drop in-game for performing in-game actions (e.g. killing enemies, completing quests, beating dungeons, etc.)

Utility NFTs are the lifeblood of any SPACE. They provide functionality and allow for deeper levels of immersion and connection with the game. Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens are the three utility NFTs, each crafted with a specific purpose in mind.

Image Post
Three types of Utility NFTs (Source:

Forges and Armories provide players with the ability to upgrade and customize their weapons and armor respectively. This gives them an edge over their enemies. But it is the Time Warden that stands out amongst these utility NFTs. It crafts, recharges and upgrades the Hourglasses which are items that are essential for earning $BIGTIME tokens in-game. As for Hourglasses, they come in two forms namely regular ones that can be used again and again, and Cracked Hourglasses that are single use items.

How do you gain more of Utility NFTs?
  • Purchase on the Open Loot Marketplace
  • Acquired as a very rare random drop in-game for performing game actions (e.g. killing enemies, completing quests, beating dungeons, etc.)
  • Opening Utility NFT Mystery Boxes (Source)

Cosmetic NFTs are a fun way to add some extra flare and sparkle to your in-game weapons and armor. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from particle effects to sounds – so you can make sure that you stand out in battle.

But it's not just about looking good – with Cosmetic NFTs, you won't be falling victim to pay-to-win tactics. These NFTs don't affect your stats like strength or dexterity; it's all about showing off your unique style.

Image Post
Cosmetic NFTs (Source:

You can find Cosmetic NFTs in-game by defeating enemies, or by purchasing them from other players in the Marketplace. You can even craft your own at Armories and Forges – just remember, you'll need the right materials and currency!

How do you gain more of Cosmetic NFTs?

Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles

  • Purchase from the Open Loot Marketplace.
  • Crafted from the Forge or Armory.

Non-Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles

  • Purchase from the Open Loot Marketplace.
  • Random drop in-game for performing game actions (e.g. killing enemies, completing quests, beating dungeons, etc.) (Source)
Open Loot

The game has an Open Loot platform which dispenses with the need for gas fees or waiting time for the settlement of transactions, Open Loot eliminates any potential barriers or hindrances to players as they trade, sell, or purchase NFTs. Its simple, intuitive interface makes the process of receiving and managing NFTs a breeze. All transactions are securely stored on the blockchain and the entire process is completely trustless, allowing for an entirely secure trading environment for everyone involved.


Stepping inside Big Time is like entering a kaleidoscope of wonder. The vivid colors and captivating art style draw you in immediately, while the intricate details weave together to create an immersive and fantastical gaming world. You can trade with friends, create unique assets, and customize your personal SPACE metaverse in a way that puts the power in your hands.

With Big Time, you don't have to worry about being limited by others – you can set up your own sustainable and durable economy and be the master of your own destiny. Unlike other games like Axie Infinity that require users to have NFTs already in their possession in order to play, Big Time gives everyone a chance to begin with nothing. You don't need to buy or own any NFTs to start playing when it is open to public access. Instead, you can earn NFTs in game simply by progressing further into the game.

Big Time is an ever-evolving world, full of surprises and possibilities. Every instance of the game is unique, with randomly generated lands to explore and exciting challenges to tackle. So what are you waiting for? Come explore the exciting world of Big Time and start building your player economy today!

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