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Hello Pets: Discover the Tender Love and Fun Entertainment of NFT Pets in a Disney in Web3 Ecosystem

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    Hello Pets which was formerly known as Battle Pets, is a fun blockchain based RPG that involves capturing, training, and battling pets. The game which is powered by the Binance Smart Chain network, is highly inspired by the famous Pokemon Go game. The game features a mythical pet continent where you can find rare and exotic creatures to keep and train as pets (NFTs). In Hello Pets, you take on the role of a pet trainer who can train and upgrade the pets to make them suitable and powerful with combat skills. Hello Pets contains different combat modes, including PVP arenas, tournaments, sieges, and special events to win valuable tokens and conquer territory. Hello Pets features its native $PET tokens, which you would receive as rewards during the gameplay. $PET tokens are the in-game currency used by the game for trading, purchasing items, raising pets, and engaging in combat. You can buy and upgrade weaponry for your pets to give them an advantage in combat. The game's graphics are stunning and colorful, with an engaging atmosphere and an extensive active user base. Hello Pets is an entertaining game specifically for pet lovers and blockchain fans.