Axie Infinity: Origins

Get ready to enter the fantastical world of Axie Infinity: Origins, where you can breed, collect, and battle your very own team of adorable and powerful Axies in card turn-based battles!

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    Axie Infinity: Origins is an evolution of Axie Infinity’s tactical card battler format and a Play-to-Earn game that enables the players to explore through trading in-game assets, exploring and battling players around the world. It is the newest battle version of Axie Infinity that shows a lot more exciting gameplay mechanics, in-game graphics and design, narration, and effects.

    Key Highlights
    • Collect, Breed, Battle and Trade. Axie Infinity Origins is a collectible trading card battler in which you can collect, breed, battle and trade digital creatures called Axies.
    • Classic Replacement. The game replaced the original version, Axie Infinity Classic after the final season (Season 21) of the latter ended on June 24, 2022.
    • New and Improved Version of Classic. Features improved user interface and visually sharper graphics than Axie Infinity Classic.
    • Free-to-Play. New players of the game will receive 3 free non-NFT Axies namely Buba, Olek, and Puffy, to kick start their adventure in the Axie Infinity Metaverse.
    • Dual Game Modes with Triple Axies Arrangement. Features two game modes namely Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP) with in-game battles arranged through Front, Mid, and Back Axies.
    How to play Axie Infinity Origins

    The core gameplay of Axie Infinity: Origins revolves around 3 phases, building Axie Teams, winning on Arena to get SLP and Moon Shards, and Spending Tokens on crafting Runes and Charms and breeding Axies.

    Game Modes in Axie Infinity: Origins

    Axie Infinity is a universe filled with a creature called Axies which is an axolotl-inspired digital pet and the primary NFT of the game. To start playing, you'll need 3 Axies to start battling to climb to the top of the leaderboards and claim rewards at the end of every season. Unlike in Classic Gameplay, in Axie Infinity Origins, they introduce Non-NFT Starter Axies, namely Buba, Olek, and Puffy. This reduces the original capital entry barrier, thereby opening the door for more people to play the game. With the new update, anyone can register and begin playing.

    Once you enjoy Axie Infinity: Origins and want to take your game to the next level, such as earning SLP, you only need three Axies composed of Front, Mid, and Back Axies, and here are the 6 examples of team builds to get you started.

    1. Rage Build, which can deal with high-damage attacks.

    Each Axie body part corresponds to a card you can use during Battle Arena. Front Axies have cards that summon and heal allies to protect the damage dealers. Meanwhile, Mid and Back Axies are damage dealers with rage-stacking abilities that can deal with high-damage attacks.

    Image Post
    Rage Build (Source:

    1. Sustain Build, which provides a lot of passive healing as they deal out damage.

    Front Axie cards have cards in which they can heal allies, remove curses, and apply Sleep. However, both Mid Axie and Back Axie are damage dealers, yet both have double anemone, which provides a lot of passive healing when dealing damage.

    Image Post
    Sustain Build (Source:

    1. Damage Ramp Build, a damage dealer.

    In which the Front Axie provides sustaining cards like Strawberry and Pumpkin. Meanwhile, Mid Axie cards allow you to select cards from your discard pile, gain DMG for the rest of the battle, deal bonus DMG and cleanse allies, and Back Axie cards can deal multiple hits, gain bonus hits, deal bonus DMG, apply Taunt, steal Shield, and heal allies.

    Image Post
    Damage Ramp Build (Source:

    1. Poison or Bleed Build, which has poison-inducing abilities.

    Front Axie provides support with healing, cleansing, granting leaves to regen 3 HP, deal damage with Yam's poison-inducing ability. Mid Axie provides a mix of damage and debuffs, such as poison and spikes. Meanwhile, Back Axie provides damage and debuffs.

    Image Post
    Poison or Bleed Build (Source:

    1. Curse Build has cards such as Cute Bunny, Caterpillars, Gravel Ant, and Jinx that can apply fear or other debuffs to your opponent, which can disrupt your opponents deck enough to out-damage them in mid or late-game.

    Image Post
    Curse Build (Source: Axie Tech)

    1. Backdoor Build which gives you control over which enemy Axie to kill first. Thus, giving you a significant advantage over your opponent during late-game.

    Kotaro, Toothless Bite, Shrimp, and Ear Breathing provide you the opportunity to target the Back Axie of your opponent. While Front Axie cards are Papi, Curved Spine, Kotaro, Strawberry Shortcake, Perch, and Snake Jar. Some of this has sustaining abilities to buy more time.

    Image Post
    Backdoor Build (Source:

    Battles in Origins revolve around two main types of Game Modes, namely Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP)

    Image Post
    PvE and PvP modes in Axie Infinity: Origins (Source: Avocado Dao)

    Adventure Mode (PvE)

    In Adventure Mode, players will battle with enemies to explore the game's main storyline. It has multiple chapters that contain 7 Big Stages and 12 Small Stages. You can play Big Stages multiple times, but you cannot play the small stages again. Each of the Big Stages can reward you with up to 3 stars, and stars can be acquired by completing the Challengers. These stars can be used to unlock Milestone Rewards and get rewards from The Foraging Box that contains EXP, Moon Shards, and with many more items to be added in the future.

    As you progress in Adventure Mode, more features will be unlocked, including more Starter Axies that come with a new story and earning a huge amount of Moon Shards.

    Image Post
    Adventure Mode (Source: Avocado Dao)

    Arena Mode (PvP)

    To unlock the Arena Mode, you must have completed the first six parts of the Adventure mode, and your Player card must at least be at Level 3. Once you have unlocked the Arena Mode, you may now play with the other trainers in real-time through different types of game modes, Practice, Ranked, and Tournament.

    Practice - A casual game without rewards Ranked - Wherein winning a game will grant you a place in the leaderboards and rewards such as Moon Shards, Smooth Love Potion (SLP), and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Tournament - Tournaments are hosted by the team or outside of the team, such as gaming guilds, esports communities, and many more.

    Image Post
    Arena Mode (Source: Avocado Dao)


    To gain rewards in Arena Mode, you will need Stamina, which resets daily at 00:00 UTC. Each battle played will consume you 1 Stamina point. Once you have depleted your daily Stamina points, you will no longer be able to gain SLPs or Moon Shards until the next reset.

    Stamina is determined by the number of Starter Axies and the Personal Axies you have. The formula is as follows, Total Stamina = 0.5 x Number of Starter Axies + 3 x Number of Personal Axies.

    To have a minimum stamina of 60, you must have at least 20 Personal Axies.

    Gameplay Mechanics of Axie Infinity: Origins

    Origins is a real-time tactical card battler combat and uses Runes and Charm to enhance Axie's abilities.

    • Origins is a real-time tactical card battler combat and uses Runes and Charm to enhance Axie's abilities. To start with,

    • Every battle starts with both players deciding on their turn preference.

    • If both players pick the same turn preference, they will play the Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS). Whoever wins in RPS will get their chosen turn preference. If both players draw three times, it will result in a random assignment for both players.

    • Each player will battle by taking turns in using cards. In Adventure Mode, there is no Turn time limit. However, for Arena Mode, you will have 45 seconds to complete your Turn. After 45 seconds, your Turn will end automatically.

    • Once you are taken to the Battle Arena, you will be given a Deck of 18 Cards. These cards will determine what abilities you can use in any given Turn. You can use it to damage, shield, or heal one or more of your teammates.

    • Every card has a corresponding energy for you to use it. Using energy to play cards will give you Energy Fragments, but any unused card and energy during a turn will not accumulate in the next turn, not unlike in classic gameplay wherein you can stack up your energies to trigger an Energy Burst against your opponent in the next round.

    • To win the battle, you must defeat all the Axies of your opponent.

    Energy Burst and Energy Fragments

    To trigger an Energy Burst, you must collect Energy Fragments by using Energy, keeping a card except for the cards given on round 1, and from the effects of Cards, Runes, and Charms. Each Energy Burst will increase your energy per turn by one permanently, and every two Energy Bursts will increase your card draw per turn by one permanently. Thus, giving you more Energy and Cards to use.

    Energy Burst System will provide you with more options. It enables you to concentrate and strengthen your midrange or late-game strategies. For example, you may consume all, destroy, or steal Energy Fragments.

    Blood Moon

    To make sure that all battles will end on time, there will be a Blood Moon round wherein if the battle is still ongoing and in turn 17, all Axies will have their Maximum HP permanently reduced each time the turn ends.


    You may also keep cards at the cost of energy should you wish to use them. By doing so, you can have your card until the next turn and potentially draw more cards to your opponent.

    What are Moon Shards?

    Moon Shard is the primary material to be used in crafting. You can obtain Moon Shard by acquiring Adventure Foraging Box, Milestone Rewards, and Winning battles in the Arena Mode.

    Take note, you would only be able to obtain Moon Shard if you have Stamina. The amount of Moon Shards you can get depends on the rank of your Arena Matchers and the rank and level of your Ronin Spirit Buff.

    Image Post
    Crafting Material (Source: Avocado Dao)

    What is Ronin Spirit Buff?

    Ronin Spirit Buff is a reward for any player who has a maximum number of 3 Axies. The higher Ronin Spirit you have, the more SLP and Moon Shards you'll receive.


    Axies are the NFTs needed for you to play Axie Infinity: Origins. These are the virtual pets that you can use to battle, breed, or collect.

    As you start playing, you will be given three starter Axies, namely, Buba, Olek, and Puffy. These are the Non-NFT Starter Axies that players can use to test the game first. Since these are Non-NFTs, you can't breed and trade them. However, you can use a starter and personal Axies for Adventure and Arena Mode.

    Image Post
    Buba, Olek, and Puffy (Source: Avocado Dao)

    Unlike the Starter Axies, Personal Axies are the NFTs purchased through the Axie Marketplace which you can breed and trade.

    Breeding Axies

    Each Axie has 6 body parts namely, the Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Back, Tail, and Horn that correspond to 3 genes for each part. A dominant (D), recessive (R1), and a minor recessive gene (R2). and two cards from different classes, namely: Plant, Reptile, Bug, Bird, Beast, Aqua, Dusk, Dawn, and Mech.

    To create new Axies, you need to undergo the breeding process. Breeding an Axie will cost you AXS and SLP depending on how often the Axies have been produced.

    Image Post
    Axie's Body Parts and its corresponding cards (Source: Avocado Dao)

    By breeding Axies, you will be creating Axies with different combinations. Thus, creating your unique team.

    However, Breeding Axies is risky, and there are breeding limitations you should follow.

    • Axies can breed a maximum of 7 times.
    • Sibling Axies and parents/offspring Axies cannot breed.
    • Breeding costs vary depending on how many times the parent Axies have been bred.

    To make it easier, there are a variety of tools that can help you to breed your own Axies.

    1. Breeding Cost Table - shows the total costs of Breeding Axies
    2. Breeding Calculator - allows you to calculate the total costs and estimated ROI, accounting for SLP and AXS and expected Parent/Offspring sales.
    3. Breeding Simulator - allows you to check the possible genetic makeup of the offspring.

    Rare Axies Rare Axies are NFTs with unique genetic composition with a limited supply.

    1. Origin Axies
    • Origin Axies were sold from February to April 2018. Owning an Origin Axie is a marker of being an Axie OG.
    • 3, 400 supply
    1. Mystic Axies
    • Origin Axies with at least 1 Mystic Part is called Mystic Axies. Mystic Parts have unique aesthetics compared to their normal variants.
    • 1,200 supply
    1. Holiday Axies
    • Originated from special breeding events held in 2018 and 2019.
    • 3,000 supply
    1. Japanese Axies
    • Axies with special Japanese-themed parts. -16,500 supply
    1. MEO Axies
    • MEO Axies are used to introduce new body parts.
    • 2,500 supply
    1. Agamogenesis Axies
    • Have 1/1 skin and animated body parts.
    • 3 supply

    Runes are items that will add special power to your Axies, while Charm is a power-up accessory to enhance your Axie's abilities.

    You can only equip 1 Rune per Axie of the matching class and 1 Charm per Axie Card. For example, Aqua Runes can be only equipped to Aqua Axies, and the Bird Charms can be only used to enhance Bird attack cards.

    Image Post
    Add special power by equipping Runes (Source: Avocado Dao)

    These Runes and Charms can be minted, purchased, sold, or gifted to someone. However, some Sealed Runes and Charms are only bound to the game, which you cannot mint or trade in the Marketplace. These are the items that are crafted without the use of SLP.

    Image Post
    Enhance your Axies' abilities by equpping Charms

    The higher the rarity level of the charm, the more powerful, but it is more challenging to obtain. It will demand more time in crafting experience and crafting recipes to acquire your desired charm.

    How to craft Runes and Charms?

    To craft Runes and Charms, you'll need SLP and Moon Shards. Remember, if you craft Runes and Charms solely from Moon Shards only, they will be sealed items that are neutral charms that you can apply to any Axie class and cannot be minted or traded with other players.

    What are Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Runes and Charms?

    There will be Seasonal and Non-seasonal Runes and Charms.

    In every season, there will be new Seasonal Runes and Nonseasonal runes added to the game, but it's not guaranteed that there will be Non-Seasonal Runes to be added in every season. With every season, the older Seasonal Runes will retire, which means you cannot use them in battle nor be crafted, while Nonseasonal Runes will never retire. But it doesn’t mean that Nonseasonal Runes are as powerful as Seasonal Runes. As a matter of fact, Nonseasonal Runes are actually weaker than Seasonal Runes.

    Seasonal Charms can be active for 1 season and will expire at the beginning of the next season. Once it expires, Charms will lose its powers and cannot be equipped with any cards. As for the Non-Seasonal Charms, they do not come with an expiration date and will never become unusable. These types of Charms are the common charms that are not crafted, but instead, they are acquired as in-game rewards.

    You may keep or disenchant both deprecated Runes and Charms at any time to get a little amount of crafting ingredients such as Moon Shards and SLP.

    Axies are the creatures that live in Lunacia, a land that you can own, rent, and develop using different resources and crafting ingredients that you can find when playing the game.

    Axie Infinity: Raylights will be their first land game, and it is currently accessible to all landowners. They can sow minerals, grow plants, cultivate flowers, and mine resources. Along with playing with your Land, there will be a Chimera, the monster terrorizing Lunacia that will make your resource gathering a difficult task. You should battle with Chimera in a real-time battle, either alone or in groups. Once you have defeated the Chimera, it will drop different resources, items, and blueprints that you can use to upgrade your Land or Axies.

    Landowners might also find AXS tokens by exploring resource nodes to find AXS and other resources. Owners may stake their Lands to earn AXS.


    As the game of Axie Infinity: Origins progresses, we can look forward and see a lot more exciting and fun features in the future. The developers have set in place more plans to make the community and the game itself better and more enjoyable. Those plans are coming on our way, so we better be ready to embrace those new challenges and exciting updates in the near future. Here’s to an infinite fun experience with Axie Infinity!