ArcheWorld: An Open-World NFT MMORPG That is Based on the Globally-Acclaimed Sandpark MMORPG, ArcheAge

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    Key Highlights
    • ArcheWorld is a blockchain MMORPG based on the globally-acclaimed sandpark MMORPG, ArcheAge.
    • Start your adventure in ArcheWorld by selecting a skill set. Unlock the remaining thirteen skill sets by gaining XPs to level up your character.
    • Optimize your ArcheWorld character's leveling up progression by creating or joining a guild.
    • Team up with your guild members to hunt monsters and complete quests to earn Archeum (for ordinary content) and Blue Salt ($BLST) tokens (for high-end content).
    • Boost your $BLST earnings by acquiring Fandom Cards NFTs (to be VVIPs in ArcheWorld) and Land NFTs (to own buildings in ArcheWorld) from the Bora Portal or OpenSea.
    Archeworld Land
    • This is the official Land NFT of ArcheWorld. This verifies that the Land NFT owner can permanently own the land designated on seamless open-world of ArcheWorld.
    • Owners can participate in production activities directly by installing buildings in the game, or they can lease their land to others and collect rent with Blue Salt(BSLT) every month.
    • Owners may generate earnings by converting Blue Salt(BSLT) to BORA.
    Archeworld Fandom Card

    Fandom Cards are the Genesis NFT, the first NFT of the ArcheWorld project. Fandom Card holders are the VVIPs of all services/collaborations of ArcheWorld.

    Fandom Card holders will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Opportunity to be included in the Whitelist for future Land NFTs of the 1st server of the server group or the regional server.
    • Opportunity to participate in pre-test in the form of an alpha pass.
    • For long-time holders, BSLT airdrops upon launch
    • Priorities on benefits and collaboration opportunities from the BORA Governance Council, which ArcheWorld is a member.