ArcheWorld: An Open-World NFT MMORPG That is Based on the Globally-Acclaimed Sandpark MMORPG, ArcheAge

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    Key Highlights

    • ArcheWorld is a blockchain MMORPG based on the globally-acclaimed sandpark MMORPG, ArcheAge.
    • Start your adventure in ArcheWorld by selecting a skill set. Unlock the remaining thirteen skill sets by gaining XPs to level up your character.
    • Optimize your ArcheWorld character's leveling up progression by creating or joining a guild.
    • Team up with your guild members to hunt monsters and complete quests to earn Archeum (for ordinary content) and Blue Salt ($BLST) tokens (for high-end content).
    • Boost your $BLST earnings by acquiring Fandom Cards NFTs (to be VVIPs in ArcheWorld) and Land NFTs (to own buildings in ArcheWorld) from the Bora Portal or OpenSea.

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