Build Your Card Deck of Warrior NFTs and Conquer the Medieval Battlefields of the Kingdom of Aradena

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    • Aradena is a fast-paced turn-based tactical strategy NFT trading card game (TCG) set on the medieval battlefields of the Kingdom of Arena. The unique value proposition (UVP) of Aradena lies in its strategic combination of the deck-building elements of collectible card games (CCGs) with the moment-to-moment gameplay of real-time strategy (RTS) games.
    • Aradena is a Free-to-Play (F2P) game as players would be given a non-NFT Common Warrior to start playing the game upon the completion of registration. However, an ERC721-compatible wallet is required to withdraw crypto rewards and purchase NFT assets. If you are going for Pay-to-Play (P2P), you must have some ETH in your wallet to purchase your Warrior NFT from the Aradena Warrior NFTs collection on OpenSea or the ImmutableX marketplace.
    • Once you are done building your army of Warriors NFTs, you can enter the Kingdom of Aradena to battle monsters and complete quests to earn Silver Coins, which are non-tradable in-game currencies that can be used for core gameplay features. In contrast, Aradenean Gold ($AG) is a utility token that can be used to unlock advanced gameplay features and purchase premium in-game items. You can also stake your $AG tokens on Aradena's website to retain the ownership benefits of your Warrior NFTs.
    • As of June 2023, 1v1 PvP is the sole game mode available in Aradena, with more game modes under development. During PvP battles, your card would transform into a fully animated 3D unit with your Warrior NFTs battling with your opponent in an immersive battlefield. The key to winning in Aradena is using battle strategy through the movement and positioning of your Warrior NFTs to outplay your opponent. Understanding the environment of the battlefield is also a key to winning in Aradena, as this would enhance your competitiveness by enabling you to outwit your opponent through battle tactics such as setting ambushes, gambits, and traps.
    • Ardena's closed beta kicked off in early June 2023, with more developments, including the launching of $AG token and a closed beta set to follow in the months ahead as per the game's roadmap.

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    About Aradena

    Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical strategy NFT trading card game (TCG). You can build your army of Warrior NFTs in the game to engage in PvP battles against other players. Aradena: Battlegrounds stands out from other blockchain games with its sustainable ecosystem, which adapts to the influx of new players. The sustainability of the in-game economy is warranted by an advanced recruitment system that accommodates the growing number of players seeking to join the game by allowing for the breeding of NFTs. Regarding its gameplay mechanics, Aradena: Battlegrounds would incorporate the elements of land management under a guild-based diplomacy system to provide you with a more immersive gameplay experience.