Aqua Farm

Dive into Aqua Farm and Play-to-Earn in a Lovely Ocean World with Non-Fungible Token Assets

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    Key Highlights
    • Aqua Farm is an ocean adventure RPG with NFT battles for Play-to-Earn cryptocurrencies.
    • Claim your non-nft Aree and Guardian that are given to new players of Aqua Farm to enter into PvP battles to earn Aree Shards ($AES) tokens.
    • Use your $AES earnings to hatch eggs at the World Tree to acquire Aree NFTs.
    • Grow your Aree NFTs using Power Of Deep Ocean ($PODO) tokens that can be acquired by winning PvP battles in Aqua Farm's Pro League.
    • Stake your $PODO tokens for $AES rewards on your Farm NFTs. If you don't have a Farm NFT, you can stake $AES tokens for $AES rewards at Aqua Farm's website.

    Aree are the ocean fairies that are born from the fruits of the World Tree that grows in the center of Aqua World. Aree live in a micro world called Oasis, on the back of Guardians, the ocean protectors. They grow along with players that own them. In the beginning, all players will begin their Aqua World Adventure with basic Aree.


    Guardians are protectors of the ocean and modes of transportation that allow players to navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World. Oasis, which exists on the back of Guardians acts as a shelter where Aree can rest peacefully.


    Farm is a specific parcel of an area within the vast ocean of Aqua World. The area has rich PODOs, a place for staking. If you have own your Farm, you can expect more benefits as the number of Farm NFTs is quite limited.