Aqua Farm

Dive into Aqua Farm and Play-to-Earn in a Lovely Ocean World with Non-Fungible Token Assets

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    Key Highlights

    • Aqua Farm is an ocean adventure RPG with NFT battles for Play-to-Earn cryptocurrencies.
    • Claim your non-nft Aree and Guardian that are given to new players of Aqua Farm to enter into PvP battles to earn Aree Shards ($AES) tokens.
    • Use your $AES earnings to hatch eggs at the World Tree to acquire Aree NFTs.
    • Grow your Aree NFTs using Power Of Deep Ocean ($PODO) tokens that can be acquired by winning PvP battles in Aqua Farm's Pro League.
    • Stake your $PODO tokens for $AES rewards on your Farm NFTs. If you don't have a Farm NFT, you can stake $AES tokens for $AES rewards at Aqua Farm's website.

    About Aqua Farm