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Alien Worlds: Discover the Possibilities of Sci-Fi and GameFi for a Trillium Fortune

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    Alien Worlds is a decentralized Metaverse game powered by three blockchains Ethereum, WAX, and the Binance Smart Chain. Since it centers around planets and satellites, it's a fantastic game for space fans. Gamers can stake Trilium ($TLM) using special digital items (NFTs), take part in planetary elections, submit suggestions, or run for planetary council using these items. You can participate in Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) called planets in Alien Worlds to get daily $TLM from the main Metaverse smart contracts. In Alien Worlds, players participate in mining, land acquisition and rental, planetary governance voting, and other tactical acts. Players cast their votes for their planetary government using the power of their staked $TLM, and each planet determines its resource strategy and games. Users may stake an unlimited number of $TLM to join an endless number of planets. In Alien Worlds, satellites are user-made DAO worlds that orbit a planet in the Metaverse. They enable satellite communities to plan events, collect $TLM prizes, and create fresh games, NFTs, mythology, and other group initiatives.