Affyn: Blockchain-Powered, Geolocation-based Games for Real Building and FYN Earning Fun

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    Affyn’s flagship game is Nexus World, a free-to-play, play-to-earn, geolocation-based Metaverse where you collect Buddies which are Nexus World’s in-game NFTs. In the game, you can also use the native token $FYN own lands and build structures on your land. Nexus World’s most interesting selling point is how it corresponds to real-world geolocation, with unique Buddies spawning in different locations. In-game events are also held via AR in real-life locations with prizes to be won. To provide real-world utility for the tokens earned, these tokens can be utilized and spent in the real world to enjoy special privileges or benefits by accessing exclusive products in the FYN ecosystem, such as real-world vacation deals.