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Aavegotchi: Be the Ultimate Collector in Gotchiverse

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    Harvest Alchemica, craft installations, and battle Lickquidators in Aavegotchi's open-world RPG game, the Gotchiverse Realm. The journey begins as you guide your spectral species, Aavegotchis, to victory, farming, harvesting, voting, and building in different zones of the Gorchiverse. Aavegotchis are pixelated, DeFi-backed ghost NFTs that can be leveled up when players participate in mini-games, governance, and meetups. Each Aavegotchi possesses traits that influence its rarity and its performance in mini-games. Aavegotchis consume wearables to boost their traits and rarity score. Wearables are in-game ERC-1155 standard NFTs. The game is governed by the Avogotchi DAO.

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