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What is Gears of Freedom?

Collect Batteries through daily logins and complete Avolution Quests to find Gears. As the meter fills up, Avocadude will complete the flying machine and unlock treasure chests for all denizens of Avocadia!


Climb the leaderboard, earn seeds, and unlock amazing rewards in the Avoshop!

We have noted all bug reports and feedback with regards to our leaderboard of this campaign. We are currently working tirelessly through the process of updating the gear stats to better reflect the leaderboard.

In addition to the hotfix, the following moderation rule will apply to the leaderboard:

  • Invalid screenshots to obtain quest completion in attempt to top rewards WILL be moderated. AXP, Seeds or current rank will be removed accordingly.
  • Users with high frequency of falsified submissions may expect a warning or imposed ban.

We are in continual effort to upgrade our quest verification processes. Our moderators and support team will continue to improve, maintain a fairer playground for every valued participants.

The Prize Pool

Hey Listen! 🧚 Prepare for a thrilling adventure at Avolution, where incredible prizes await you 🎁. There are 4 ways to claim these awesome rewards!

#1: ⚔️ Avolution Quests - Value of $7,000

Gear up for an epic journey throughout June in our Avolution Gears of Freedom event 🚀. Unveil and conquer many thrilling quests that will reward you with $BUSD, NFTs, free mints, and raffle prizes 🤑.

#2: 💰 Treasure Chest - Value of $1,000

Embark on Avolution events to help our precious Avocadude reach Sky Island.

  • Once the and bar is all filled, every single Avolution participant will receive a treasury packed with goodie at the end of the event!
  • Each Treasure chest guarantees a base reward of 200 AXP and a special Gears of Freedom Soulbound NFT (Ladder leaders get even more exclusive versions!)
  • Some treasure chests will even come with SEEDs or $AVG!
  • The total pool value for these boxes is $1000!

#3: 🏆 Leaderboard prizes - Value of $1,000

Throughout the month of June, boost your chances of winning by completing Daily Logins 💪 and Avolution Quests 🚀 to climb the Gears of Freedom Leaderboard. Once June comes to a close, the top participants on the Leaderboard will snag incredible prizes:

🥈 2nd Place
1000 Seeds
🥇 1st Place
Nintendo Switch + Zelda game
🥉 3rd Place
700 Seeds
🏅 4th to 10th Place
400 Seeds
🏅 11th to 25th Place
200 Seeds
🏅 26th to 50th Place
100 Seeds

#4: 👑 Referral Rewards - Value of $1,000

Share the excitement with your friends 💚 by referring them using your unique referral code and earn Seeds + $BUSD!

  • Refer your friend to sign up to Avocado using your referral code
  • Ask your friend to complete any three quests from the Avolution Gears of Freedom event
  • You and your friend will earn $2.5 BUSD + 5 Seeds
  • You will only be able to refer once for this event
  • Limited spots, BUSD is only available to the first 500 referrals!

Hey, Listen! What are you waiting for? It's time to embark on your quests!

If you have any questions or encounter technical or non-technical issues, please submit a ticket.

The story so far

Lore 1

A fearless voyager at heart, the seed scampered through the viridescent fields, desperately searching for a means to reach the celestial skies. From a distance, he saw a silver lining in the form of metallic lustre, gentle circling and beckoning its name. Resembling what seemed to be a misplaced gear, the seed gathered the radiant cogwheel into his backpack, bewildered but also diffident at whether he had done the right thing. At once, another speck of lustre caught the corner of his eye, illuminating itself behind an obscure, deku tree. Drawn by an overwhelming, unseen force, the seed suddenly scurried throughout the moonlit plains, continuously discovering and collecting more silver gears as if solving an intergalactic puzzle.

As he reached the end of the forest haven, a sense of velocity and vigor was suddenly propelling him off the ground. To his astonishment, the sequence of gears began climbing out of his backpack and humming in rhythmic unison, each metallic cog interlocking seamlessly like a tapestry of stars. With every twist and turn, the gears whirred and clinked, as if appending themselves to the astounded seed. In a burst of fiery determination, the seed soared into the boundless sky, plumes of smoke trailing his feet amidst a thunderous roar. Deep in the heart of the seed, where the gears were now whirling incessantly, a new sense of purpose resonated. A mysterious new life was awaiting him, up in the island of the skies.