ZooKeeper: Dive into the ZooEcosystem for a Multi-Chain Dual Yield Farming Gamified Experience


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Key Highlights

  • Zookeeper is a blockchain-based dApp with several games and tools equally favorable for gamers and developers. It is a gamified yield farming dApp, available on Avalanche and Wanchain, and intended to provide liquidity to the ZooEcosystem.
  • Using ZooBoosters' ability to shorten lock time and boost payouts, the platform uses special ZooNFTs to improve LP farming at zero gas fees.
  • As for gameplay, ZooKeeper offers a fun gaming experience advantageous to gamers, developers, and limited partners (LPs) who stake their tokens for $ZOO incentives.
  • You can transfer NFTs using the "My Safe" area and buy or win ZooBoosters, which can be sold on the market for various cryptocurrencies.
  • ZooKeeper is a cutting-edge and rewarding platform for yield farming and NFT gameplay, thanks to its distinctive features and multichain experience.

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