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Seascape Crowns

Seascape Crowns: Powering Your NFT Gaming Experience with the Blockchain Combo of DeFi and DAO


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Key Highlights

  • Seascape is a gaming platform that merges DeFi and NFT economies, making it easy for you to explore intricate DeFi and crypto concepts.
  • With a sharp focus on high-quality games and incentives for both gamers and developers, Seascape is transforming the way one looks at gaming.
  • On the platform, there's a one-of-a-kind token economy, where Crowns operate a foundation to reward key stakeholders and provide worth to all coins made on the network.
  • Seascape is evolving NFTs into financial assets and incorporating gamified aspects of DeFi and regular finance into games.
  • You can support new game projects while developers get tools and guidance to develop their own games.
  • Summing up, Seascape is an exhilarating gaming ecosystem with a robust focus on DeFi and NFTs.

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