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Roco: Your One-Stop-Shop for Blockchain Tools for Web3 Gaming Development and Financing


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    Aug 5, 2021

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Key Highlights

  • Roco Finance is a platform that provides blockchain services for game developers, content creators, and player communities. Games will be able to easily integrate blockchain into their existing system through the use of Roco’s many different services.
  • On the technology side, Roco’s developed their own NFT marketplace to facilitate secure P2P trading in games. They further introduced the native $ROCO tokens as a mutual value token to account for different currencies and values within and across different games.
  • Roco also helps partner gaming companies to create staking and farming pools. Furthermore, Roco lowers the barrier to entry for the integration of blockchain infrastructure by providing APIs, SDKs, and crypto-optimized payment systems.
  • On the finance side, Roco helps video gaming companies organize IDOs for their projects.
  • As of March 2023, there are six games on the platform, 2 of which have been publicly released. The first game is Rise Online World: Fantasy which is an MMORPG game with an open-world map that comes with both PvE and PvP content. The game uses Roco’s NFT marketplace to sell/rent in-game items. The second game is Meta Hound, a utopian racing game where you can purchase, rent, breed, or race your hounds.

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